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Scary Mandarin Nightmare

While I was talking to a friend, we agreed on a fact that Mandarin is the language spoken by the most populous country, China and that means lot of people.

I have been having a nightmarish dream off-on these days. The summary of the dream is something like this. I saw some important websites, like Amazon, Microsoft, Macromedia and many others of which I cannot recall properly. I even had a short dream of the same when I was up in the air on my way to Detroit for Powered by Detroit. In my dreams, I was surfing those websites, I saw many part of the english text being replaced by Asian characters, and I presume they are Chinese or may be even Mandarin. It saw something like, the text on this site will be replaced by “Chinese character here” or something like that. So, most text on most websites were replaced by Chinese characters and soon to be totally replaced.

Coupla days back, I read somewhere in the newspaper that English-Mandarine-Chinese speaking nannies are in demand in the US so that the kids will grow up knowing English and the language spoken by a huge population.

And I remember about a year back when a friend asked me after looking at my mails, “wow! you got spams in foreign language!”. I still get lotta spams in Chinese/Asian characters. And it seems to be growing this year.

I look up the internet for Mandarin and it is The official national standard spoken language of China, which is based on the principal dialect spoken in and around Beijing. Also called Guoyu, Putonghua.

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