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Sin City, Hostage, Sahara, Elektra, Hitch

One thing about the movie is that, “It was very much like a comic book.” Just like Frank Miller’s Comic work, it was black and white with some stash of colors here and there. I am very sure every comic lover would love to watch Sin City.

The whole movie was a combination of three stories which crossed paths in a the most un-related manner, precisely three of Frank Miller’s work, The Hard Goodbye, The Big Fat Kill and That Yellow Bastard. One thing that I am for sure is that there will be lots of scissor work for the Indian Movie Censor here; there were practically some scenes which can never be shown in the Indian theatres. The scene where Marv (Mickey Rourke) came to take his medicine from Lucille (Carla Gugino) after he found Goldie (Jaime King) assassinated besides his bed.

Knowing many of the movies were not yet released in India, I took the opportunity of watching two more movies, Hostage and Sahara.

Hostage brings back the character of Bruce Willis from Die Hard but not really that action pack like Die Hard, rather a more matured, intense drama. It stiched up two villains and Jeff Talley (Bruce Willis) have to deal with both though the teeny villain’s ending were not really his doing. Bruce Willis is an erstwhile Los Angeles hostage negotiator, leading a rather mundane life of a local police chief after a negotiation went wrong. A story about Walter Smith’s (Kevin Pollack) family and how it affected even Bruce’s family, finally how he saved the day.

Sahara, well, it looks like those of cyphers, encryption along the line of National Treasure, spiced up with some high drama on the Sahara Desert. This is a fun and frolic kinda movie, relax and just enjoy the drama. The story is about Dirk Pitt (Matthew McConaughey) and Al Giordino (Steve Zahn) trying to find the lost Civil War iron boat full of riches, gold, which was supposed to have cross Atlantic Ocean into Africa. Then Eva Rojas (Penelope Cruz) came in whose work as a WHO doctor took her to the same place as our two heros.

The best part was that I watched all the three movies on week-days in a rather silent town of Fairlane, Detroit at Star Theatre, so, no ticket hassles and I have the whole seat row to myself. As if that was not enough, I stayed up during the long, tiring, boring flight watching two more movies, Elektra and House of Flying Daggers.

Elektra, Jennifer Garner, who died in Dare Devil, is alive here as Elektra, another creator of Frank Miller. One thing very clear is that she is sexy, sleek, precisely deadly and you will like her skin-tied red dress. Though I am not really a fan of her TV one, Alias, she is good in the movie, her no-nonsense attitude, and yes, the way she handles and wields her special weapon. The story is about her trying to save the victim she was supposed to kill and everything else is action and lots of action.

House of Flying Daggers was another of those Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero type movie, directed by the Hero director himself. If you watch this movie without watching the former two and many similar ones, you will like them but then it begin to turn monotonous with the anti-gravity, super-swift, precise martial artists. There were precise daggers throw, well a lot and also a rather long bamboo forest fight scene.

Back home, when finally settled, I went out and watched A Series of Unfortunate Events followed by Hitch the next day.

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