Powered by Detroit, 2005

Apr 17, 2005

The "Powered by Detroit (Powered by Detroit)":http://www.poweredbydetroit.org/, 2005 proved to be a good starting ground for me. Just like everybody else, I enjoyed the two days very much, met many people. The conference wasn't a Flash-oriented conference __per se__ but even then, the responses were good. I liked the questions/answers part of my session more than my actual presentation. Both of my sessions were not really Powerpoint Presentation oriented, so it is difficult to give away a presentation slide or anything similar. I showcased two RIAs done with Macromedia Flash, Flash Remoting, Flash Communication Server and ColdFusion.

Besides all the nice people, the one person who would love to talk on anything and whom people love to listen was "Michael Dinowitz (Michael Dinowitz, House of Fusion)":http://houseoffusion.com/. I particularly liked him talking about Comics, which was also perhaps his specialty. Met up with "Oscar Trelles (Oscar Trelles)":http://www.oscartrelles.com/blog/, went to the Ford Museum with him and he even invited me to "Yahoo!360° (Yahoo!360°)":http://360.yahoo.com/. Finally met Edward Sullivan in person, shook hands with Ben Forta, chatted with the "Alagad (Alagad)":http://www.alagad.com/ guy, "Doug Hughes (Doug Hughes)":http://www.doughughes.net/. And enjoyed the whole two-day conference with all the people there.