Barcamp Bangalore - 2006 December

Fri, Dec 01, 2006

Barcamp Bangalore - Dec 2006The second "Barcamp Bangalore (Barcamp Bangalore)": took off on the 2nd of December, 2006 (the "first was held (Barcamp Bangalore, April 2006)": during April, 2006). The camp started off with a fresh presentation giving up tips on how to approach VCs with ideas and innovations, from "Sandeep Singhal (Sandeep Singhal)": of "Sequoia Capital (Sequoia Capital)":

I really like the enthusiasm of the presenters of the *Controversies of the Indian Blogosphere*. Good to learn the other side of the coin from where you belong - being bloggers, enterprising entrepreneur and a digerati.

The Lunch was great. I always had a dislike for foods at events, conferences but this one is one of those rare ones that I liked. I think just like others, I ate to my full.

I did my preso on "Nanocast (Nanocast)":, mostly demo of the application and how to have your Nanocasts everywhere on any platform - blogger, myspace, xanga, your own blog, virtually everywhere. I will be writing my detailed review of Nanocast later and thus won't like to go deep into it. The cool thing about my session was culmination of both technical and business interest between me and the people listening to me.

"MingleBox (MingleBox)": is an Orkut type but targeted to the Indian users. Looks promising and the idea that they can compete with "Orkut (Orkut)": is awesome. The internet is a big ocean and all fishes can survive, not just the big sharks but even the small ones never go hungry. So, they still have a chance to make it big and have their India oriented niche community. My best wishes to them.

A long but corporate-like presentation from "Bipin Parmar (Bipin Parmar)": of "the chilli (the chilli)": was another presentation that boost up the entrepreneur spirit in many of us. The ideas thrown to our young brains from such an experienced businessman was inspiring.

*Day 2*

Day 2 started afresh with a zeal more eager than yesterday though we have less noise and less crowd. One nice introduction was from "Sowmya Karmali (Sowmya Karmali)": on how to "prepare Pullao (Pullao Recipe)": (an Indian delicacy) in 5 minutes. She have promised us that she will blog the recipe.


Here is a "better round-up (better round-up)": of the Barcamp Bangalore 2.


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Did I forgot about one cool thing about the Mumbai Airport, well Terminal 1A (I'm not sure about Terminal 1B as I have not really been travelling much these days) have about 3 free Wi-Fi Access. Bangalore Airport too has many Wi-Fi spots but they were all paid. Let's hope the Mumbai one remains free. However, I could not get the Payment Gateway of Airtel to work.