brajeshwar (at) yahoo (d0t) com

I signed up for a Yahoo! and a Hotmail account in 1999. I have the Hotmail account under my control but I forgot my password for Yahoo!

I have

Well, the thing is that I usually get all accounts/IDs on the internet with my name as my name is a not-so-common name. I would really like to yet my own Yahoo! account with my name. And yes, that account is mine and is now dormant due to inactivity.

I would like to request anybody to try and get me that by any means - hack, crack or anything.

In return, I would do social service to the Internet Community by spending atleast 2 hours daily Monday to Friday for one month replying, helping developers/designers on forums and mailing list. I would not just reply to common querries but would try my best to get to the more challenging and difficult ones and try to solve them for aspiring developers/designers.

And I would of course make a special big Thank You link/page on my site for whoever can get me the ID and it will remain as long as my site remains on the internet.

If I am lucky to get a Yahoo! representative interested in this, I am happy to answer all questions to prove that brajeshwar (at) yahoo (d0t) com is me and was created by me.