I wanted this feature and del.icio.us always kept it crossed. However, today, I saw that "del.icio.us (del.icio.us)":http://del.icio.us/ have enabled it. If you wish to import your bookmarks to "del.icio.us (del.icio.us)":http://del.icio.us/, check out the @settings > import@ feature.

*Well, there are issues right now.*

* How do I share all my bookmarks at one go? (I can look up for the tag system:import and do a manual edit!)
* Shouldn't there be an option to do an edit all kinda?
* Or am I missing something here?

"View my del.icio.us bookmarks (Brajeshwar's bookmarks on del.icio.us)":http://del.icio.us/Brajeshwar