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Brajeshwar on Flash Timeline - 10 Years of Flash

Brajeshwar on Flash Timeline - 10 years of Flash.
Brajeshwar on Flash Timeline - 10 years of Flash.

I honestly did not know that My Site was included in the Flash Timeline, Adobe never told me. I was interviewing a Designer/Developer for CSS/XHTML and he told me that he felt good talking to me. He saw my name on the Flash Timeline and asked me to confirm if that was me. I told him, “Well, I do not know, let me check out.” I thought, may be he meant the one in the Adobe Community Experts. I had checked Flash Timeline before but not that close to look at each and every screen, frame, text, word, link!

After finishing up the telephonic interview with the candidate. I double checked Flash Timeline, clicked on the “Click to Launch” link and watch over the whole interaction and of course, I saw my name mentioned yet again by Adobe. It is in the year 2001, they even have that red glow thingy glowing over Mumbai, India to mark my location. However, I am not sure how did they dig up the text describing my site. I think I had that long back and it did strike back good memories of the time when I started off with Flash.

For ten years, Flash technology has been the de facto standard for creating rich, interactive content. Today, over two million Flash developers use Flash to create content for web sites, interactive presentations, and mobile devices. In celebration of the Flash community, Adobe has created an interactive timeline so that you can explore the dramatic history and promising future of Flash.

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