Brajeshwar v7.0 WordPress Theme

May 31, 2006

"Christian Nelson (Christian Nelson)": currently runs the "KISS WordPress Theme (KISS WordPress Theme)": and he prompted me to reproduce "Brajeshwar v7.0 (Brajeshwar v7.0 as of May 1, 2006 Reboot)": for "WordPress (WordPress)": He gave me a good reason to do it, he dropped $500 into my paypal account so that I can have it developed for him and also make it free for any interested blogger to use with their WordPress setup.


* "WordPress (WordPress)":
* "How to Install New WordPress Theme (How to Install New WordPress Theme)":

Again, *special thanks* to "Christian Nelson (Christian Nelson)":


* 2006 June 12 -- Revised the style for calendar support and rectified a minor bug.
* 2006 August 7 -- Thanks to Emily Robbins for the "link (Comprehensive list of 980+ Free WordPress 1.5 and 2.0 Themes / Templates available for download)": for sending over 1000+ visits to this article (as of today, the 7th August, 2006).
* 2006 October 17 -- Nico Beerle have a modified Ajaxified version of Brajeshwar v7.0 Wordpress Theme. Here are the Backup Downloads just in case - "Brajeshwar v7.0 Ajaxified (Brajeshwar v7.0 Ajaxified)": and it requires his modified "PageNav (modified pagesnav version of Adi Sieker)":
* 2006 Dec 20 -- Fixed the pagination bug. Please "re-download (re-download)": the theme again.
* 2007 Jan 19 -- Just discovered the theme at "Wordpress Theme Viewer (Wordpress Theme Viewer)":
* 2007 Jan 22 -- Solved the non separation between paragraphs, please download the fixed version from the same download link. For those who want to solve themselves, open style.css and look for { }@ (should be around line 325). Just after the "}" in the next line add this p {
margin: 0.8em 0;
line-height: 1.5em;