is hiring, re-branding and re-designing, join in with ideas

Oct 26, 2006

I got a mail from Mark Bathie informing that " (": is re-branding. I think many of their clients must have got the information too. "I've been with CVSDude (I've been with CVSDude)": for quite a bit of time starting from my Freelance Days starting with their CVS Personal Free Account to the current Corporate SVN Project Development Account. I'm rephrasing some of the information from them. By the way, if you apply for any of the jobs and tell them that you were referred by me or this article, they are gonna give me some credit to the tune of $500. I would love to have that to extend our account for the next 2 years. Commenting on this article should also do the trick.

_Here is the Excerpt_

We hope this finds you at a busy and productive time in your work and year! Here at CVSDude we are going through some exciting times ourselves. First, we recently hired new staff who will be working hard to provide you with more bang for your buck! In fact, we are currently hiring talented Perl developers. If you know anyone who might be interested in working for a growing software company based in Brisbane, Australia, please refer them to markb[at]cvsdude(d0t)com _(this email format is changed to save them from spam leechers)_ and we'll pay you a USD$500 referral fee if we hire them!

Secondly, we are redesigning the look and feel of the website and the internal project management pages. If you have complaints, suggestions, or ideas that you would like to see implemented, please feel free to send through your comments and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Finally, we think that the name "CVSDude" is a bit limiting. We obviously offer more than CVS, and will soon introduce new, easier ways for you to collaborate and manage your projects. We are hesitant to let go of the word "dude" (clearly our most recognizable attribute), but are open to all ideas. So we would like to invite you to send us your suggestions for CVSDude's new name! If we decide to go with yours. (You can comment on this article regarding this re-branding or suggest directly to them.)