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Why should you splice RSS feed with your bookmarked links?

I subscribe to lots of RSS Feeds of professionals whose article I love to read. However, of late, I am seeing a lots of Links for 2006-xx-xx from either or Ma.gnolia. I am not sure about others but if you ask me I don’t really like to know what you have bookmarked or what is your favorite link of that day. I may be wrong but do you really think one should splice their article feeds with links? On a similar note, I am fine to see flickr photos being sliced into photo feeds because they have the same content - PHOTOS.

If you really want or think that some people will love to know what you have bookmarked, please have a separate feed for that or give us an option to subscribe to your Feed sans the links. You’ll say that it is yours and that I’ve subscribed because I like you and I should not complain. But now is the web 2.0 world where the users have all the rights to ask you to think about us (the users) and your content is our content.

I, at the time of writing this article, strongly feel that it is stupid to splice RSS Feeds with Bookmark links!

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