"Techcrunch (Techcrunch)":http://www.techcrunch.com/2006/07/10/fabrik-media-storage-opens-limited-beta-accounts-today/ reported of the limited beta account opening at "Fabrik (Fabrik)":http://www.myfabrik.com/. Get "your beta account (Fabrik Beta Account)":http://www.myfabrik.com/ today!

_Below are excerpts from Techcrunch;_

Online storage is good; giving your data to a company that specializes in keeping data secure and backed up makes sense when it comes to things like family or artistic photos and video. Storage and bandwidth are so cheap now that leveraging economies of scale enables these vendors to offer storage and delivery as a commodity. Fabrik media storage plans will start at $3 per month for 2 GB of data storage with unlimited transfers.

Company CEO and co-founder Mike Cordano came from storage provider "Maxtor (Maxtor)":http://www.maxtorsolutions.com/, now a "Seagate (Seagate)":http://www.seagate.com/ company. Chairman and co-founder "Keyur Patel (Keyur Patel)":http://www.flickr.com/photos/brajeshwar/tags/keyurpatel/ came from Maxtor as well, following time as Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at Inktomi Corporation (a "Yahoo! (Yahoo!)":http://www.yahoo.com/ acquisition).

Two things make Fabrik stand out right now. First, they offer a very nice web application for organizing your photos and videos. ItǃÙs nothing flashy looking but the functionality is smart. "Ajax (Ajax)":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AJAX, both tagging and folders are all nicely used to make organizing your files easy. There are quite a few nice little features like the ability to view items on a time line by either creation data or upload date. The service is intended primarily for long term storage of your personal media, but the included sharing features are good as well.

The second thing that makes Fabrik stand out is that its web application is also available for use with local storage. If you have your own network connected storage device you can subscribe to the Fabrik media organizing service at a reduced price. Owners of a Maxtor/Seagate storage device will get an extra discount, but any networked storage device can be used.


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