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Mac Convert! Am I?

Guy Watson recently wrote an article that he is a Mac convert. Abdul Qabiz too is a proud owner of a Macbook.

Some of our team are already Mac Guys!

And I won’t be surprised if Arindam Biswas goes for a Mac with his next iteration of his Notebook!

Macbook Pro Setup

I am shifting to my Mac but rather in a slow pace. I have to be careful that everything gets sync at the right time with the right software conversion. I have never used a Mac seriously besides testing for compatibility, browser behavior, etc. and I never felt the need to move. It is not that I am against Mac or that I love Windows; I was just concerned with getting my works done the fastest and the best way possible. Oh! I would have not shifted so early if not for Keyur’s Gift!

First, I am amazed by the sleek, clean, crisp design of the Mac Software interfaces and their interactivity. It is the ultimate WOW factor that gets you right in your face when you’re in front of a Mac. I have already fallen in deep love with Adium which is a universal Instant Messenger for Mac. I was a die hard user of Trillian Pro for windows for the past coupla years. Even my site visitors’ percentage for Safari have increased from 1% about a year ago to 5% currently. My primary concern is now about Email Management, Version Control – SVN, RSS Feed Management and Keepass

Some of the few sites’ feed that I have already subscribed are like

Having seen, done and said good things about Mac, I have to be careful that I do the transition on a gradual manner! Keeping both the machines; using both of them appropriately is the best bet for now; will try to pin-point and switch applications that are equivalent or better on the Mac.