I overhead the conversation yesterday that the file upload on the mac was _not working_ or rather the @FileReference onComplete@ was not being fired. Today, "Abdul Qabiz finally confirmed the bug (Abdul Qabiz finally confirmed the bug)":http://www.abdulqabiz.com/blog/archives/flash_and_actionscript/workaround_file.php. He also eventually found the fix for the same. The fix was to send an empty response from the server side upload script.

Read Abdul's article for the details - "Workaround: FileReference onComplete is not fired on Mac OS (Workaround: FileReference onComplete is not fired on Mac OS)":http://www.abdulqabiz.com/blog/archives/flash_and_actionscript/workaround_file.php.

The bug is supposedly fixed in Flash Player 9.

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