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Flash Media Server 2.01 Updater, Dynamo

Adobe had promised about easing the licensing scheme of Flash Media Server with Dynamo, which brings Flash Media Server’s license to more or less like that we had with FlashCom Server, with a bit more flexible option here.

Dynamo have 3 license profiles to choose from

  1. 150 Connections/Unlimited bandwidth/unlimited vhosts
  2. 1000 Connections/40 Mbps / unlimited vhosts
  3. 2500 Connections/ 25 Mbps / unlimited vhosts

Adobe have released FMS 2.01, the Flash Media Server 2.01 updater. This update to Flash Media Server 2.0 allows users to choose their product license parameters from a set of pre-configured license profiles. These profiles allow Flash Media Server administrators to easily change the license configuration for their Flash Media Server install to suit their current needs. This update also includes many new features and bug fixes.

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