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Escaped from a deadly accident

My brother, Benao, was driving the car. The passengers were Linda, my cousin, Arindam, my business partner, and I. We were returning from Pune on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway on that fateful night of Feb 8, 2006. Along the way on one stretch of the ExpressWay, we saw a huge truck lying on its side and about 5 minutes ahead of it the road followed a concave curve along which he had maneuvered very well just to find that an iron rod have strayed on the right side of the road. Well, instead of doing a sharp turn at 120 km/hr, he slowed down and went over it allowing it to hit the right wheel which eventually saved us an accident by sacrificing the right wheel rubber. While we stood guard at the road’s shoulder for incoming vehicles, he quickly changed to the back-up tyre in about 15 minutes and returned home safely.

I have always trusted him with driving most vehicle and is very good at it. I am pretty sure it was his quick judgement that save us a tragedy. His love for vehicles have drove him to drive cars, jeeps and even trucks at a much early age (well before he was even legal to drive). I can recollect the facts that all the family, my uncles and relatives have trusted him to drive any vehicle. I have even heard episodes, while around the tender age of 14-15 years, he have driven heavy road-rollers while one of our uncle was doing some contract work for road repairs.

Anyway, we went to Pune for an on-the-spurt-decision meeting with a company who wanted a high-end Rich-Media, Video-Enhanced Application to be powered by Flash Media Server and served through a Flash Interface. The whole project is clandestine yet and I won’t say anything more. I think I should be able to say something after 6 months from now.

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