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Google Calendar - the best after Google Search & GMail

Google Search is the de facto search engine for me and almost everybody else on the internet. Gmail is a good web based email client but have never been able to replace my desktop mail client and will not. I used it extensively for SVN/CVS notifications, mailing lists, newsletters, forum replies and everything else save for my personal & official mails. All other services of Google are good too but personally I don’t use any of them on a second to minute basis!

Google Calendar is perhaps the much needed answer to my quest. It can be just another tab opened on a browser (all browsers have tabs these days - thanks to that genius who came up with this fantastic idea). And it is or will be plugged into all Google related, which is cool. It has not been 24 hours since I have been toying around with it, so my excitement may be a bit overfetched but then I have full faith in Google.

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