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You might just like to be part of our Team!

Oinam TeamEarly morning of April 8, 2006 our team set out on a 2 day Team Picnic to Splendour Country, a resort on the outskirts of Pune, India. Ealier, we did our new trainee introduction to the team with a Movie and Bowling session. It may be a small endeavor on our part but we have been pushing our work/play culture to be more in the lines of not just a working office environment but like a college/university campus where people love to hang out, chill and work in the due process. Our Work/Play Environment Motto have always been People First and our work ethics What’s Next.

Why People First?

This is rather my own axiom that if the people involved with the team are good, progressing ahead and are well informed, then the team on the whole progresses ahead. We do not groom our company/team to be good so that the people in it can benefit but we groom our people so that the company/team can benefit in return. Every individual in our team is thus very important; individual growth is our primary goal. If that primary goal is achieved the others falls well in their rightful place automagically.

So, why not join our team?

If you good in Technology – be it in Flash/ActionScript, Flex, Flash Remoting, Flash Media Server, Red5, ColdFusion, PHP, .NET, Designs/Visualization, XHTML/CSS – Web Standards, Technical Copy Writing, Project Management; we are eager to talk to you and discuss how we can push your technical skills forward and grow together. We’re extremely confident that you will never regret joining our team.

We love people good with games too. Come and challenge amongst the team with Counter Strike, Need for Speed and other games.

Some of us are real gadgets freaks and our daily work includes working with the same. So, be willing to be part of the team that work on applications for the likes of iPods, Video iPods, PSPs, Set-top-Boxes, Flashlite/J2ME – Mobile Phones and much more.

We have heard rumous that our pay/perks are sometimes much higher than some of the best companies in India and we surpass similar designations’ pay/perks of these companies easily. Well, a typical scenario of a good developer in our team shoot up to over 300% pay hike in 3 to 5 months have become normal for the team now. If you are interested in some bulleted list, then beside the free snacks, lunch package, medical/dental, leaves, we have others like

  • Personal Laptops within 6-12 months
  • Mobile Phone Bills paid by us
  • Sabbatical – starting with a fully paid air fare, lodging, food within India with the completion of 12 months employment (think what would be after completion of 2 years and 3 years)

How to join us?

  • If you are interested, look at Oinam Jobs and apply accordingly.
  • Mail directly to jobs [at] with your CV, demos, sample links, source code fragments, classes, packages.
  • Contact us with Job Applications.

Feel free to apply even if your skillset do not fit the current requirements as we always have something to do to enhance technology, prototype and push its envelope way beyond what it can endure. We’re a team that is willing to give the likes of Flash a scare with what we can do.

Not to really rub it in, but we have lots of fun all the time while we work. Well, learnt those tricks from the like of Macromedia and from what we heard/learnt of Google work culture. It is just that, we love to copy successful entities and follow their good ideas even though we start that from the small/minimal implementation of the same on an even small, closely knitted form.

I would even consider just listening to Freeman Murray talk about technology and startups is worth the effort of being in our team, or perhaps just watch the video of Bill Lee about India from Som.

Our team is in India, so please do not apply if you are not in India or not willing to relocate to India.