Media Temple Grid ServerMy site is was hosted with MediaTemple and I've been happy so far. Well the story is funny as I went off and on coupla times in the past but then I decided to stick with them. They're perhaps one of the most professional Hosting Provider I've ever interacted. I saw Techcrunch's article - "Media Temple Crushes Shared Hosting (Media Temple Crushes Shared Hosting)": and I decided to check out their (gs) Grid Server. Even though I was accepted into the Beta for the (gs) Grid Server hosting, I was unable to take part actively in the same.

(mt) Media Temple's "Grid-Server (Grid-Server)": is a completely new hosting platform that replaces yesterday's obsolete shared server technology. We've eliminated roadblocks and single points of failure by using hundreds of servers working in tandem for your site, applications, and email. The Grid's on-demand scalability means you'll always be ready for intense bursts of traffic and the growing audience resulting from your online success. All of this power, controlled through our brand new Account-Center, is available today for a price point unmatched by any competing service.

Some of the cool features highlighted on their site --

* Dynamic, clustered scalability - Automatically grows to support any load level. Easily handle traffic spikes with the power of hundreds of servers powering your site.
* Ruby on Rails
* PHP 5 and PostGreSql included besides PHP4 and MySQL

Well, "Media Temple (Media Temple)": have a new design too and is looking awesome.

Let me go check out with them and see when can I migrate to the new (gs) server. Why don't you too check out their (gs) "Grid Server (Grid Server)":


* 2006 October 17 - Just contacted their customer support and got a reply even before I could properly finish the Support Request. The upgrade for current customers is free and is just a matter of clicking coupla buttons in the account center.


* Media Temple updates your database (with the one changed in Grid Server) Applications like Movable Type, Wordpress, Mint, PHPBB, PHPNuke. For other, be quick and make the necessary change as they have changed their internal and external host for the database.
* If you have used (mt) paths (physical paths) like me (I used them through a PHP variable so I can update them at just one place) then go ahead and update it quickly.
* Google Apps for Domains works instantly after updating the DNS records at Media Temple.