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Nishita - another Free Photo Blog Wordpress Theme

I have a bunch of Photos on Flickr. Even though I was beta testing Flickr ever since it came up and had a pro account gifted by them, I really never used it for my photos until now. I moved to Flickr from my own Gallery hosted Photo Section (I lost all the photo comments eventually), somewhere late February 2006. Since then online Photo Management and storage have become a pleasant experience for me. A couple of days back, my photo collection hit 50,000 views.

To commemorate the nice things happening around, I would like to contribute another small offering for the public to use. A simple, sleek and minimal (quick and simple install/setup) Photo Blog theme for Wordpress - Nishita.

Update (Oct 4, 2011): took over Nishita Photo WordPress Theme and have released a Photo Theme for

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