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Is Gmail the Best Spam Filter for your Domain?

Very recently our domain went in for Gmail for Domains and we’re currently using their Google Apps for Your Domain. Besides the security and privacy concerns that many user have, Google Apps for Domains is a very viable solution for a small to mid-size company. Currently, Google offers Gmail (for email), GTalk (Instant Messenger), Google Calendar and a simple web page creation tool.

I decided to use it for and have been using it for the last 12 hours or so. The best part is that Gmail is a real cool free spam filter and mail archiver. Gmail have netted over 200+ spams since yester-night for my mail. Personally, I feel that a good way to separate your domain controls is a good choice, so they are all independent and one failure do not result in another.

I have my DNS on a different server (my provider has a multiple of 6 servers for the DNS), which of course assuming that atleast one of them will function in the worst cast scenario, I host my site on Media Temple thus separating that content totally on its own and now I have Gmail as the spam net filter and mail archiver for my emails, which of course sends out the POP to my desktop mail client. Thus, my mail will work even if (mt) goes down.

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