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Project Planning, Management – a 2006 Resolution

Learnt few good tips and tricks from many good people in the community during the year gone by. And further from experience, here is a list/quickie of points that one should always remember while planning, managing projects.


  • Plan, organize and execute team activities and tasks, team work is the way to go
  • Try to meet your target on an 8-hour, 5-day basis
  • Realistic and measurable deadlines
  • No Procrastination
  • Distribute work properly, delegate effectively
  • Perform your tasks smarter, not harder nor longer
  • Find more time for your family, social life, leisure, exercise and your interests


  • Lack of team skill and head count
  • Unrealistic schedules and budget
  • Developing the wrong software functions
  • Developing the wrong user interface
  • Gold plating
  • Continuing stream of requirement changes
  • Shortfalls in externally furnished components
  • Shortfalls in performed tasks
  • Real-time performance shortfalls
  • Straining technical architecture
  • No or little planning

Never estimate quote/price or timeline without a set of project requirements.

And here is How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions.