ActionScript 2.0 Language Reference

Mon, Jan 02, 2006

I have been meaning to have this bookmarked and I am sure I did it but somehow keep missing it whenever I needed it to refer to people. One of the sweet lady at -Macromedia- "Adobe (Adobe)":, "Jen Dehaan (Jen Dehaan)": have blogged about it long back. We have it hosted as html reference for our team in our internal server, I have been longing to have it on my own site for the archives and personal reference too.

Download the "Standalone HTML ActionScript 2.0 Language Reference (Standalone HTML ActionScript 2.0 Language Reference)": from the "Flash Docs Page (Flash Docs Page)":
Download the zipped equivalent "PDF version (PDF version of AS 2.0 Languagare Reference)": or visit the online "LiveDocs (LiveDocs AS 2.0 Language Reference)":