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Vongo – Choose Now Watch Now

I saw the post popped up on FullAsAGoog and MXNA coupla days back but it never strike me as much as it should have. Nonthless, it lingered in the back of my brain about its relativity to Oinam Software and yes, I was part of their Flash Team though my contribution was a small one. It was not in my project radar as Vongo was on the CVS of Shcematic and not our Oinam’s SVN. Moreover, the contract was under my personal name and not our current company.

Danny Patterson says he worked on it for about 9 months with 9 other Flash Developers. I could recollect only him and Joey Lott to be the persons whom I recognize on the CVS Commit notification so I am sure mine was the minimum work of the all other 9 developers. But now, upon reading the articles in length, it is a great feeling to know that I was able to take part in such a big project.

Vongo from Starz is a desktop application that allows you to search, preview and download many of the great movies Starz has access to.


New York Times
Starz Press Release Gadget of the Week

* Eric Dolecki
* Danny Patterson
* FlashStreamWorks

Being outside the US, neither can I access them like all other countries. It is currently available only for the United States.