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How to make Meetings Successful and Useful

I knew that the meetings that we had are all successful ones with to-the-point discussions, coming out with objectives which we know what to do, when to do and who will do. So, I was always on the look-out for how to express that all Meetings are not that harmful.

I just saw 37Signal come up with almost all the points which helped me gather up my semi-formed points that was in my mind.

Here are the points verbattim from 37Signal;

  1. Begin with a specific problem. Meetings are wild horses that always try to run off course. Yoke the meeting to a specific problem.
  2. Meet on site. Meet at the site of the problem instead of the conference room. Get in front of the code, in front of the UI, and talk about it together. Point to real things and suggest real changes.
  3. End with a solution and responsible parties. Your next action will be concrete if the problem is solved.
  4. Celebrate, shut up, and do something. Celebrate the solution.
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