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Brand new Logo of Adobe AIR

Mike Chambers posted an article introducing the brand new Adobe AIR Logo.

The latest design is supposedly the Final Logo. It may be noted that Adobe AIR has been pretty inconsistent as far as branding goes. It has had a number of logos and graphics associated with it, including the rocket-ship, and the current “AIR” branding.

Mike Chambers explains, “Part of this was due to the surprisingly complex process of designing and settling on a logo in the technology world. There have been quite a few times during the past year where we felt that we were close to having the final logo, only to then find out that it was just a bit too familiar to some other logo in the computer / internet / tech world.”

The Logo represents the three core Adobe web technologies - HTML, Flash and PDF. Each corner of the logo represents one of these core technologies. The vector versions of the Logo is also available for download - (zip).

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