We'll know of many CSS dysfunction in Internet Explorer; even the latest version 7.x release from Microsoft is not spared. HasLayout can a be way to fix such CSS dysfunction in both IE 6 and 7. However, an inner Devilish Venom of "hayLayout" is discovered when some IE users of Lorem-Ipsum Wordpress Theme complained about ordered list not being ordered.

Reason: The Lorem-Ipsum style tries to explore the power of "hasLayout" on a generic selector as simple as "ul li" and that proved pretty dangerous. My bad, I never checked the layout it in IE and was testing them against Firefox, Safari and Opera on the Mac.

Lesson Learnt: Well, look like one do not need to really do a "hasLayout" with generic selector like "ul li" at all.

If you need to know more about His Evil Majesty hasLayout, someone wrote an endlessly long, boring and tedious article on the subject. It is only about 45 printed pages long! Blame Chris Wilson, Philippe Wittenbergh for all such an over-sized gem.