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Get your Joost Invites today

I’ve invited all those who commented on my Joost Invite article. As Joost is giving out unlimited invites before their launch, I’d be able to invite all of you. So, if you haven’t got your Joost yet, comment here or anywhere else and I’ll send an invite over to you.

Joost is a new way of watching TV on the internet, which uses new and established technologies to provide the best of both the internet and TV worlds – with programs, channels and adverts. Joost uses secure peer-to-peer technology to stream programs to your computer. Unlike other TV and video-based web applications, it does not require users to download any files to their computers or browse through complicated websites.

If you miss the invitation, let me know, I’ll be reading the comments – each one of them. You don’t have to explicitly type your email in the comment, just fill up the e-mail form field, so I can invite you without your email being shown naked to email leechers and spammers.

If you got your invite, please continue to invite others or (optionally) write a THANK YOU article linking to this article so people will know where to ask for a Joost invites.

Btw, I’m sorry that I could not muster enough time to write your proper First and Last Name in the Invites, I just have to make sure your emails were right!


2007 3rd May:
Finished inviting a little over 150 people to Joost. Enjoy!

2007 4th May:
I think I must have invited another 100+ today. Btw, the comments, and emails are overwhelming and is thus slowing down my invite. But I will definitely make it a point to invite everyone who commented here. If you are not invited within 24 hours of your comments, either comment again or contact me.

2007 5th May:
Completed another batch of invites, must have been about 100 odd invites.

2007 8th May:
Joost is adding content providers at a staggering rate. There was Viacom and CBS, then the indie crowd, and now a slightly smaller – but still significant – popular video site Heavy. Heavy will provide programming to Joost from a selection of its brands: Heavy Animation, Heavy Comedy and Heavy Gurls.

2007 13th May:
I’ve invited whoever have commented or contacted me (I’m sorry for the delays) so far (must have been over 900+ invites). However, I’ll no longer be able to invite those who do not have a proper email and have used emails specially for Joost, or redirects like [email protected]

2007 14th May
Comments for this article is closed! However, JOOST invites will continue. Please comment on any of the articles on this blog and I’ll continue to send you Joost Invites. You can try the following Joost related articles for instance;


  1. I'd love to see what the fuss is all about. Thanks!

  2. I would love an invite and think that it is great that you are giving them away.

  3. I would also love to be invited :)

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Sounds like a great program! Send me an invite so I can check it out.

  5. I would take an invite if you are not sick of giving them out yet. Thanks.

  6. Joost is amazing from what I have seen on theyr website.
    I wonder if they will be allowing users to set up their own station - for example ones own news commentary!

    p.s. would love an invite :) thanks

  7. I have been interested in an account for a long time and I stumbled across your post. I would love an invite. Thanks.

  8. If I get an invite from you, I will give you a thousand thanks and wish you all the very best in your life...

  9. I would like a joost invite if possible, thanks

  10. If you happen to have any Joost invites left, I'd love to get one! Thanks!

  11. I want to rate joost and try it! please! Thanks you

  12. If you read a lot of books you are considered well read. But if you watch a lot of TV, you're not considered well viewed.

    Invite please...

  13. I would love to get an invite and see how everything goes. This is an interesting time we live in with all the changes and advances.

  14. If you send me an invite, you will be my favorite person on the internets.


  15. Would really like to try out this product! hope you can send me the invite.


  16. I would love to be invited to JOOST! =)


  17. Not wanting to miss out on all the Joost, can I have an invite please:
    r dot plumridge at gmail dot com.


  18. Please send an invite my way - thanks in advance!

  19. I'd love an invite, thanks very much :) Great blog by the way!

  20. Begging for an invite like the rest...


  21. I'd love an invite if you still have some please. Would like to see what all the fuss is about!

  22. I would also be very grateful, am looking to incorporate a few decent video clips into my science teachiing,
    many thanks

  23. Hey, can I get an invite as well to Joost!

    kingof1337 [at] yahoo [dot] com


  24. An invite would be much appreciated
    vasu81 [at] gmail [d0t]com

  25. If possible, please send me a joost invite. Thank you so much.

  26. that's awesome, thanks for the offer, i would love to get invited!

  27. I thank you so much if you could for me?

    And I will pass on the love to any who ask!

    localhost8 (the_at_symbol) gmail dot com

  28. I'd like an invite, please and thank you.

  29. I'd like one if you have any left.


  30. I would love a Joost invite if you have a chance!

    Many thanks!

    david [dot] lerman [at] gmail [dot] com

  31. This sounds like a great way to stay entertained while on the road.
    Could I get an invite?

    Thank you.

  32. Also looking for joost
    bengaldave at gmail dot com

  33. I would like an invite too :). Thank you so much for this.

    danbucatanschi at yahoo dot com

  34. I would please like an invite as well. Sounds Cool!

    Thanks, Freddy

  35. Thanks, i would really like an invite - you're the best!!

  36. I'm a little late to the game, but I'd love an invite. Is anyone else tired of using Winamp's ShoutCAST? It's slow, always busy, and the quality is horrendous.

  37. I would love to receive a Joost invitation from you, if you don't mind.

  38. Wow, that's a lot of commetns ... ;-)

    Thanks Brajeshwar

  39. hi there... i would love to have a invite from you.



  40. You wouldnt believe how much I would appreciate a Joost invite, I tried on I think 5 forums to get invited and well so far, no Joost.

    So hey, big thanks for your altruisitc initiative!

  41. hi, I'd love an invite to Joost if you can spare one!

  42. It Would be great to get a Joost invite!!


  43. Please send one my way, thanks!

  44. I would love a Joost Invite, thank you sooo much

  45. I'd love to give joost a go. Invitaion please?

  46. This is very nice of you. I'd like an invite please.

  47. Hey man, I would LOVE a joost invite.
    daijumbo >

    Thank you so much in advance.

  48. Hey, are you tired of giving out Joost Invites? If not I would love one.



  49. Hello!

    Thanks for the Joost info. I would love to try Joost out. If possible mail me an invite.

  50. I would love an invite too, if it's not too much trouble.

  51. hi Brajeshwar,
    If you can send me a invitation, it would be great.

  52. I would love to have an invite to Joost, looks like you are busy!

  53. would love to have an invite to Joost, thanks for providing this.

    thanks much

  54. Is it too late to get a Joost invite? if not thanks!

  55. Hi, i would appreciate an invite also :)

  56. Oh yes! Joost! An invitation would be great!

  57. An invitation would be great idd, been looking everywhere.

    n00bdream AT

  58. Hi,

    I would also really love an invite to Joost and of course I will help to get others to join :)


  59. I really want to give it a try. With bandwidth restricted here in South Africa, it would be interesting to see if this works.

  60. Hi... may I have one please?
    magogi (a.t) gmail (d.o.t) com

  61. i would really like an invite.

    me at andreassalino dot com


  62. Would so love to check it out

    and its really great of u to put yourself through the trouble of this for all of us

  63. I'd be extremley glad for an invite to Joost. Seems to be a cool thing.


  64. i want an invite please please :)

    marcandrer { at } gmail { dot } com

    thanks !!

  65. I will be deploying back to Baghdad soon. Joost would give me something to occupy my time. An invite would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  66. Hi,
    would definitely would like to have one

  67. I would appreciate an invite. Thanks Much!


  68. I sometimes read your blog in the past but have never had such a compelling urge to leave a comment! Keep up the blog my friend!

    Is a Joost invite coming my way?


  69. Wow finally I find someone nice enough to give out invites without having to jump through hoops!.


  70. If anyone has any invites left, let me know...PLEASE!

    Much Appreciated!

  71. Thanks for offering up free invites, especially considering how long it must take to hand out 150! If you've got some time left I'd like one as well. jtheletter AT


  72. Well,

    As everyone else, I'd be interested in a Joost invite, to email address: jp.scrap (AT) gmail (DOT) com

    Thanks a lot

  73. I too, would be very interested in a Joost invite. I appreciate your time and willingness to do this.


  74. Would love a invite. How is the experience and selection of channels?

  75. I'd love an invite as well. Thanks for the effort!

  76. Hi received your email, but no invite as of yet:-(

  77. An invite would be nice, I have a lot of friends who would be interested in the Gong channel :)

    point357 (at) gmail (dot) com

  78. Please please invite me to joost!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been waiting to try it out for some time now...

    Thank you


  79. Please invite chipandre (at) gmail (dot) com

    Thank you kind sir!

  80. I would love a Joost invite. Muchas gracias for your contribution to the community.

    jmarkiewicz (at) gmail (d0t) com

  81. blog of the year ;-) (and I certainly would like an invite :-))

  82. I for one welcome our new Joost overlords. Joost sounds pretty awesome. I'd like an invite as well.


  83. I'd love to receive an invite! Thanks in advance!

    mgslol [at] gmail [dot] com

  84. Hi, a joost invite would be great. Andrew.smith (at)

    Thank you.

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  86. could you please send an invitation this way. Joost looks awesome...
    And a thousand thanks in advance

  87. Can I have an invite, please? I'd really appreciated it!

  88. I'd also love an invite to joost- thanks for being cool about this :D

  89. Please send me one.

    I've been seaching forever for an invite.

  90. I would love a joost invite

  91. I would love to get an invite to that new area everyone is spoken - JOOST !! please

  92. Can't wait to see Joost go live! Have been waiting for a chance to get an invite for ages!! I will write a thousand thanks and a link to your blog from my site if I get the invite!

  93. I'd like a Joost Invite, please!

    Thanks so much! You're awesome!!! :)

  94. i have been trying for week now . If you have am extra invite i would love one . I want to see what all this hub-bub is all about .. Thank you for your time

  95. Man, I am impatient to see how this thing actually works...can I please have an invite? Thank you for your time :)

  96. I would like a Joost invite, and would be happy to help you spread the Joost if I could get an invite.
    Thanks, and Cheers

  97. I would greatly appreciate a Joost invite,
    Thanks man.

  98. I would like an invite please, I will spread the Joost if you get me one


  99. how about an invite? Seems like new technology worth test driving!

  100. I read an article that now the beta version 0.9.4 of joost is giving with unlimited invitations so Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    I want a Joost Invite

  101. Invite Please?

    brett_e_jackson (at) hotmail (dotcom)


  102. Cheers mate...greatly appreciated! Cant wait to try it out! Thanks.

  103. you are soo nice. I would love an invite thanks.

  104. I'm also curious to see what all of the fuss about. Thanks.

  105. I would love you forever .I have been trying for a good month and a half to no avail.

  106. I'd love a Joost invite,

    thanks for all the time you're putting in to pass the love around ;)

  107. Hey champ, hit us up with an invite will ya? Appreciate it!

  108. Thank you in advance! I'd appreciate an invite when you get an opportunity.

  109. Wow if your still up for it, I would love an invite.

  110. Hi. Appreciate your work. I would really like to try this.

  111. Hi,

    I'd like an invite please :-)))
    Many Thanks


  112. Please send me an invite. I live in South Africa and decent tv is hard to come by here, so Joost is great for us.
    [email protected]

  113. You are very generous. May I please have an invite as well?

    Cheers Sam

  114. I wnoder if your fingers have been pulmelled to blody nubs from all the invites you've been sending out to people...if you could just use whatever you can bang out one more invite to me, that would be fantastic.

    Kind regards,

  115. Now what was it I wanting again ? My car keys ? My phone ? Nope, can't remember. An invite to something, I seem to remember. There's just nothing on these comments to jog my memory.


  116. I would greatly apreciate it if you would invite me to JOOST.

    Please & Thank you,


  117. Xcellent article

    I wud like a 'joost' invite too.

    Thank you

    btw the word joost does sound weird...

  118. I wud like a joost invite
    Thank u

    nice concise article btw

  119. Could you please send me an invite. I would like to see what all the hoopla is about.


  120. could I still get a joost invite?

    THANK YOU!!!

  121. I would really apreciate a invite to JOOST.

    Please and thank you



  123. sorry for all the capitals didn't mean to shout. to exited didnt even look up when typing sorry

  124. Hi,
    I have been following this on all kinda news and blogs from last three days. I like the concept and would love to try it out. Please send me the invite for Joost.

  125. Could you be so nice as to let me get a joost invite? please

  126. It will be great if you could send me an invite. So kind of you doing this! It will be highly appreciated!



  127. I'm dying to check out Joost for myself. Can someone please send me an invte?

    WalterGrouper (at)

  128. I'd love to have an Joost invite, if you happen to have any of those left.


  129. So far, I've read a few articles about JOOST and I think that it will be a beginning of a new era for Internet TV! I'd love to get an invite from you, so I can experience it all! Thank you for giving us this opportunity! All the best!

    George Slavchev
    New Zealand

  130. If I could get a Joost Invite that would be great. Thanks in advance.


  131. I'd love an invite too. Thank you.

  132. Hello,
    I would love a Joost invite!
    thank you :)

  133. Thanks in advance for the invite !

  134. Hi,

    An invite would save my day:) It looks very exiting.

  135. Thank you so much for the invite ! This is great!!

  136. Got mine this morning and I can't wait to try it out! Thank you!

  137. Thanks mate...greatly appreciated.

    It looks great!! :)

  138. Hi,

    If you get the opportunity I would really like a Joost invite from you.

    Thank you.

  139. Thank you for the invite! Much appreciated. ;o)

  140. Thanks for the invite...I haven't check out Joost yet, but I am sure it's goona be awesome!!! Didn't think I'd get one this quick...I will spread the love myself!!!

    Thanks again!!!


  141. Hi, I'd be very greatful for an invite. Cheers Hans


    I think is is going to be the next gen. of TV and the
    digital age.


  143. Is it possible to get an invite also, please?

  144. Thank you soooooo much! You really are awesome!!! I really appreciate it! You are the best!

  145. Hey man thanks for the Joost. Its aweseome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. Oh, an invite would be so much appreciated. Pwetty pwease with a big J on top?

    Thank you for the consideration!

  147. Hi. It's so cool you're kindly giving out all these invites to Joost. Any chance you could please let me have one. Many thanks in advance.
    [email protected]

  148. Thanks for the invite. Hope to receive it soon!

  149. thank you for the invite! its sooo greatly appreciated!

  150. Hey, I would love an invite!!! Thanks in advance!


  151. Please send me one invite. Thank you!
    yspam88-joost at yahoo dot com dot br

  152. I have installed JOOST again for the second time and again it does not work. I just get an uninformative error message...

  153. Hi,

    I'll like an invitation. I'm doing a Master at Laval University in Québec City about television. It would be cool to have an invitation to check Joost !

  154. Hey there all. Can I get an Invite please.. pretty please.
    my add is unlist at gmail dot com
    Thanks n God Bless

  155. Read about Joost last week. Would love an invite. Thanks in advance.

  156. It would be amazing if you could send me an invite!

  157. I'd love an invite if possible :)

    blonde69 @ mailinator .com

  158. I would love an invite and to spread the love of this new revolution!

  159. I would love an invite and to spread the love of this new revolution!
    Thank you! Thank you!

  160. I`d love to have i invite, many thanks to you Mr...
    Best Regards Timpan

  161. Would be greatful for an invite, have been looking for a service like joost for quite some time now.

    Many thanks,

  162. I’d love an invite! Thanks in advance!

  163. Thank you very much!!!
    Hope everything is good!

  164. The idea is good. Would like to see if it is implemented the same way.

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  166. I would love an invite to Joost, any chance of getting and invite ;)

    Much obliged


  167. hello,

    I would be very thankful for an invite.

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  169. Can I please Please have an invite ?D Thanks so much

  170. HELLO!
    Please send me an invite - I would be very glad :-)

    much appriciated,


  171. Pick me! Pick me! The Joost invites were, up until a few days ago, even more elusive than the Gmail invites were when it first came out. This had better be AT LEAST as good as Gmail, right? :-)

  172. please send me a joost invite
    thanks in advance
    my email:
    djgperu [at]

  173. This is very courteous and kind of you. Thanks for passing the invite.

  174. I would like an invitation -- Joost looks cool.

  175. Hello, I would like to have an invitation too.

    Thanks in advance!

  176. If you could send me a Joost invite I would greatly appreciate it.
    I have been trying to get one for a long time.

    My email is [email protected]


  177. HELLO Brajeshwar

    Thanx very much for Joost! It was real fast - and no strings attached!


  178. Would very much appreciate an invite, if you've still got them.



  179. Thx for the invite.....mostly thankful....

  180. I would love an invite (and would be grateful).


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  182. Please invite, id really appreciate it, thank you so much in advance!

  183. Hello !

    I would like to get an invitation for joost, because i like watching TV, ALOT! :P

    Nicolai DJ

  184. Any more invites? The Joost is loose and I'd like to give it a try.
    BTW, thanks for not being a jerk and charging like a lot of people are.

  185. Please send me an invite to Joost. I want to see what the fuss is about. Thanks

  186. I would like an invite, thank you in advance :)

  187. Hey,
    you're really awesome for doing this!


  188. O, please please send me an invite I really really want one and would love it try it out. It you send me one I will link to you on my website and blog.

  189. Hi,
    I would like a invitation, please.

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  195. Thanks for the kindness of hiding the emails. Would really appreciate an invite....

  196. Hi Brajeshwar,
    Please email me an invite. I really want to try it out.


  197. I would love an invite for joost tv.
    Thank u in advance

  198. I'd like a joost invite! I appreciate your offer!

  199. Would love to try out Joost! been waiting for a while now to see whats all the fuss about :D

  200. Hey, have heard about joost and am dying to try it out, hope you can help me :D

  201. I would really appreciate an invite. Thank you!

  202. Hey man, I would love an invite! Thanks a lot!

  203. Thanks... I received my invitation... I'm gonna test it now!

  204. Id like an invite, please.
    doppelpanda [at] gmail [dot] com

  205. Oh please, oh please oh please. I'd love a Joost invite.

    It looked like they have some Dutch channels, and I'm studying Dutch right now.



  206. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been looking for an invite forever.

  207. traveler w a laptop would ty much and return the favor to others

  208. I would love an invite - thanks for taking your time to do this!

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  213. Great initiative :-)
    You could start you're own mass mailing company soon.
    Hope you find the time to invite me.

  214. Please invite me, and thanks for the service!

  215. Would looooove an invite :')

    Thx a lot in advance and keep on having good ideas like these ;)

  216. Hi there. My friend told me main info about Joost, but I'm not gonna decide anything before I'll try it. Yes, I really now want to try that software and I would really appreciate if You would send me invitation. I know that hundreds of people asking for it, but one more person maybe will not make You tired from all this asking-giving game:)
    Please, Can You send me invitation to my e-mail? I'll not write e-mail in my post, because I think You'll get it from my account on Your blog:)
    ThankYou very much.

  217. I know you said not to include the email, I hope I don't get too much spam, but here it is just in case: [email protected] thanks if you get around to this, I'm sure if you have 500 requests you have a limit to how many you might give out just because you get sick of it or something or forget about it, but thanks for the idea anyway.

    I'm wondering as an aside, how much of the tech behind Joost is related to Kazaa. Found an old spanish version of it online today, almost impossible to find it.



  218. Please invite me! Thank you!

    ruth-figher (at) web (dot) de

  219. would be great if you can invite me for Joost! Thanks!
    r.gnutek (at) gmail (dt) com

  220. May I please receive an invite?

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  221. hey I would love an invite. thx

    headshiner /at/ gmail com

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    Can I get popular in school if I get one of these invites. I feel like that I am cutting the queue or being ushered into the VIP room.

    Please give me the key to popularity. Emails: [email protected]


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  228. Please send me an invitation to Joost, thanks in advance! :)

  229. I would really appreciate an invite. Thanks!

    joost [at]

  230. I'd love an invite to see what everyone is raving about. Thanks for doing this!

  231. Been waiting for this launch my whole life...I'd love an invite. many thanks, steve

  232. Great exposure, your site is within the first 10 results on google joost invite search-
    oh, and PLEASE may I have an invite?

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    Greetings from Greenland.

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    and would like to thank you in advance for being so nice

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    THX Bad Lao Tou

  239. i am canadian, i like hockey, i drink beer, i saw a black bear on the beach last week when i went for a boat ride with my friend.


    oh, could i please have an invite to joost...



  240. Hey, Joost sounds cool from what I've read so far. Would enjoy getting an invite sometime, too :-) Thanks.

  241. Hi,
    I read so much about joost, that I would lıke to test it, if I don't burden you, I would deep appriciate an invitation,

  242. can i have an invitation please? i have been looking for it for over a month now :( no luck so far. i will b thankful. my email id is [email protected]

    thank you!

  243. Great, I'd love to check out Joost. Could you send me an invite? Thx!

  244. Hi, I would love a joost invite if you have any spare. Thanks in advance.

  245. Thanks for the article, I would love to try out Joost, here's my e-mail

    nec_pt [at] hotmail [dot] com

  246. hey, if you can send me an invite, that'd be great! thanks

  247. kindly send me the joost invite, my cousins slingbox conked off :(

  248. Invites are for the WEAK, I'm weak, damn weak can I please have an invite?

  249. May I please have a joost invite? It's my birthday today!

  250. Thanks so much for taking the time, for so many of us!

  251. Please I would like an invite to joost.
    mixercast is taylorincorpora21
    email [email protected]
    Thank You even if you can't help me.

  252. Thank you so much for the invite. I'm sure I'll enjoy Joost quite a lot!

  253. I would also like to see what all the fuss is about, so please send an invite :)

  254. Thank you very much for your generous offer. Take care.

  255. Thank you so much! I get the invitation in a few hours. I will try it and I will send you a feedback,
    thanks again,

  256. Hey Brajeshwar!

    Thanks sooo much for your kind offer! Can I get a Joost invite too?!

    THANKs again!!!

  257. Many thanks, but now I really realise that I need an Intel based mac which I will buy when Apple releases the new Mac Book Pro series. So I guess I have to wait for another while...

  258. I would appreciate an invite. Thanks in advance!

  259. Can i get a joost invite please.? I am trying to find a program like this for a long time.

    Thank you

  260. Please, if you have any invites left, could you send one to me

  261. If you are still giving Joost invites I would like one. I joined mixercast and pasted my mixercast url.
    Thanks in advance in any case!

  262. If you could possibly spare an invite that would be awesome. THanks a bunch in advance.

  263. Looks really cool. Would appreciate an invite if you could spare one. Thanks...

  264. All those who have created a Mixercast have been invited. I'll be inviting the others but that will be delayed a bit and I'll do it when I'm a bit more free.

  265. thank you... i yust added you to favorites sites and subscribed you feed rss.....

  266. As soon as i submitted my Mixercast URL I my Joost invite showed up.

    Many thanks.

  267. Thanks a Ton for the invite (like the blog by the way )


  268. I would appreciate an invitation. Thanks a lot! Sean

  269. Still waiting for an invite. Would really appreciate it. Thanks

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  271. Please send me an invite to Joost. Thanks, Brandon

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  278. *I received my invite and downloaded the application, however it is NOT recognizing the email address that the invitation was sent to as being valid. I double-checked and even closed the program and relaunched it. No luck. :(


  279. As of May 10, 2007 I've invited all those who have commented. If you are left out, don't hesitate to comment again or contact me directly.

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