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Thanks to Peter Elst for the Joost invitation. I would like to extend the goodwill by giving out the invites I have currently.

Joost is a new way of watching TV on the internet, which uses new and established technologies to provide the best of both the internet and TV worlds – with programs, channels and adverts. Joost uses secure peer-to-peer technology to stream programs to your computer. Unlike other TV and video-based web applications, it does not require users to download any files to their computers or browse through complicated websites.


  1. I would love to try this! Thanks for spreading the love.

  2. i need an invitation too.


  3. I would love an invite if you have any left!

    Thanks for the offer,

  4. i've been waiting to get into the beta for a few weeks, would be cool to get an invite from you ;D
    thanks either way!

  5. Hi! That really is a good idea!
    I've been trying to get one for a while, I promise I will do the same when I'll get some..


  6. Hi,
    an invite would be very much appreciated,
    many thanks and all the best,

  7. joost is marketing snake oil .. the invite mechanism is pure propaganda tactics ;)

  8. I'm always interested in a new tech, count me in! Thanks.

  9. The first time i posted a comment i got the following error:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 146 bytes) in /home/4370/domains/ on line 80

    However when i did a submit again, it said duplicate entry. So regardless of the error the first post did get stored.

    Just though you should know,


  10. I'd like one too, if there are any left.

  11. I've been wanting to try Joost, if you've got an extra invite I'd be happy to take it off your hands. :-)


  12. IǃÙd love to get one of these invites as well.


  13. I'd love to have one as well... If you can reach my number 34 on this list that is!!!

  14. Hi Brajeshwar

    It's so cool that you got invited to Joost! I really find it top that you want to celebrate your joy with me and hopefully you will invite me so I can try this Joost project as well.

    Thanks in advance

  15. Would be great to get an invite if you still have any left.

  16. hello brajeshwar, would love to have an invite to about it quite a bit on the net and even went to their website....looks exciting....

    thanks in advance

  17. I doubt you have any invites left, but I'd love one.

    Also, I love your flickr view tracker script! For whatever reason, my views triple on the weekends.


  18. Is there any chance to get a Joost invitation from anyone here? I have been to every corner on the net and found no invite at all.

  19. Great looking site. Any invites left or advice where to find one?

  20. Most kind of you to share the invites; would love to get one if there's any left. Many thanks.

  21. Dear Sir,
    If I can get an invite it would be appreciated. I am looking forward to an alternative for cable that is now being priced out the reach of the average person in the US for anything more than minimal basic service. Thank you for helping getting word out.

  22. There seem to be a lot of requests for joost. I'm hopeful there is an invite left for me. I would love one.

  23. Yes Barjeswar - I agree this is exciting.

    (Although I wanted to creat it myself)

  24. Looks like request for a joost invites are numerous, if it is no trouble could you send one my way. Thanks.

  25. I like the site and would definitly like an invite. Thanks

  26. Hi Brajeshwar,

    Nice site! If possible,please throw an invite!

    Thanks and Regards,

  27. hai,

    I would like to throw in my hat for that invite.


  28. I would love if anyone can pass on an invite.


  29. I'd sure like an invite to something that looks very exciting on the net. Hope I'm lucky and get an invite.

  30. I would really appreciate an invite, if i recieve one, you will be the happy new owners of my soul ^_^

  31. Please, bestow upon myself a Joost Invite. I will be grateful and kind, and will pass on Joost invites to the deserving.

  32. hello brajeshwar ji

    Iam pradeep , a btech 2 yr student. I know that the invities might have completed since it's a month u hav posted this article

    Actually we have even removed our cable connection after hearing abt joost. It's really a great technoloy, Its a revolution in the field of cable tv. cheers to the developers.
    The greatest feature is that it doesn't require the users to download anything to view it.

    Really its a break through in this field

    and finally ur site is really COOL( it pleasing to the eyes)

  33. I just got an email that I got more invites to give out. Somehow, I could not find the link! Sometimes, I'm as blind as a bat.

  34. Hey Brajeshwar, thanks for sharing these Joost invitations...!
    If you have one left please count me in. Greetings from Amsterdam.

  35. I don't know but for some reason Joost has sent me request for Forgotten Password, looks like some people trying to get to it! :-(

  36.! Joost is really good tool to watch TV online, to increase your bandwidth and to increase your internet bill. But then also, if any of it is left, I'll not mind having one! ;)

  37. Hi Brajeshwar!
    I would like to receive a Joost invite!


  38. Hi, I'd really like a joost invitation. It's cold up here. Thank you, Pete

  39. I'd like a Joost invite, if still available. Thanks!

  40. A Joost invite would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  41. HI ,brajeshwar ji

    I am interested in joining joost. I am a new online publisher and would be interested in joining this new and inovative online media format.

  42. I'd love one please. Students who are far from home like me really need one of those

  43. This looks like an exciting new application of p-p technology. I'd love to try it out.

  44. Hi there, An invite would be more than welcome!
    Thx in advance!

  45. Nice websiteI

    Could you invite me,please.?


  46. virual ( at ) hotmail ( dot ) com, Thanks a bunch man.

  47. Joost sounds like the next big thing. I'd love to get on board with it.

    Thanks, I really appreciate this

  48. Joost seems to be breaking on me and others, I am standing here with over 200+ invites to give off. So, hang in there, I will get the invites as soon as it works.

  49. Please send me an invite, Im feeling like a red-headed-step-child...



  50. I already sent you an email, but just in case..


  51. I loved your article - I've been trying to understand TV over IP better and there is such a barrage of info. Thanks for the article.

  52. Thanks for the offer. I'd love an invite.

  53. Thanks for the article

    Can I get an invite?


  54. Hello..can you please send me an invite? We’re quite anxious to give Joost a try.

  55. Hi Brajeshwar,

    I would love an invite, thank you. Promise to invita as many as I can to take some of the load off you!,

    Take care,


  56. Hola Brajeshwar!
    I would like to receive a Joost invite!

    Mil gracias!

  57. Hi Brajeshwar,

    Many thanks for the invite, it looks very good on first impressions.


  58. i got a lot of ppl in my 'hood who want joost so please send an invite to lordvin [at] gmail [dot] com. sorry for writing it that way,i dont like spam

  59. please invite me to Joost! Thank you kindly in advance!

  60. I can't wait to try Joost. I am building a house where cable TV will not be available anytime soon. However for work, I am going to spend big bucks on a data line. It would be nice if I don't have to pay for Satelite too.

    Please may I have an invite? Thanks! :)

  61. I would love an invite, there should realy be more people like you around. ;-) Cheers!

  62. please send an invite this way. looks interesting.

  63. Hmmm, sounds quite interesting this Joost thing. Difficult to get an invite though...plz send ME one eh! ;-)

  64. i really really like this idea... another great way to stay entertained at work... =)

  65. would love an invite please

    realmacoy /// AT ///


  66. Hi, Joost looks really interesting, I'd like an invite. Thanks

  67. hey man,
    can you send me an invite to joost
    it looks amazing!!

  68. Hi Brajeshwar,

    I would like to throw in my hat for that invite.


  69. i´d also love to get an invite.

    pretty please ;)

  70. Me too pretty please. I would love an invite and I promise to spread the wealth.

  71. I seem to be late coming to this party, but an invite to Joost would give me a boost! Thank you. Rj

  72. I would love an invite to joost...

    Please i am deprived of getting no football coverage here in australia.

    Thanks Heaps


  73. Hey I would love to have one of those invitations, is it possible that I can get one? plzz...
    let me know if you can..
    Thanks :D

  74. I would love a joost invite please. Thank you in advance.

  75. It will be great to get an invitation to Joost.
    Thanks in advance.

  76. Hello,

    I would like a joost invite please.

    Thank you in advance

  77. Need a joost invite. Please help me out... much appreciated!

  78. I would very much appreciate it if you would send me a Joost invite.

  79. Wow, with this much hype how could Joost fail?
    I look forward to trying it for myself.
    And yes I'd like an invite.

  80. Hi I'd love to get a joost account. Could you please invite me.

    Thanks in advice

  81. I will really appreciate a joost invite.

    Thanks in advance, I think you are doing a really nice thing for all of us.

  82. Hi,

    I'd like a joost invite please.

    Thanks in advance

  83. Hello Brajeshwar

    if you still got some invites to hand out I'd appreciate it very much if I got one

    Have a good one

  84. Please invite me. I'm desperate and deep in the night looking for some love

  85. Joost is "Just" what a lot of people were waiting for.. It´s a good idea to watch TV over Internet. You can see what you want everywere there is an Internet conection. I would like to try it.... Thank you!

  86. Very nice of you if u can get me an invite. Thanks.

  87. An invite would be greatly apriciated!! plz

    Thanks for the effort..

  88. Hi,

    I would like to receive a Joost Invite.


  89. An invite would be much appreciated. Allow me to tip my hat to a charitable fellow.


  90. I would very much like and invite if you still have one that I could use. Much thanks

  91. I'm gonna miss my TV when it's gone, but this is the wave of the future., and I'd like an invite. Thanks!

  92. I would also love to be invited.

  93. Is this for real? Having read about joost in a couple of articles, I am more than excited to see how it works! Could you please send me an invite? Thank you!


  94. Hi, could you please send me an invite? Thanks! :-)

  95. I would love to try this out. If you can send me an invite it would be appreciated. We should all help others like this.

    Take care...


  96. So far all of this sounds great!!!!! Only one thing left, an invite. Please, Thank-you.

  97. Read about this in the paper today...I need to see what all the fuss is about please.

    An invitation would be most welcome here!



  98. Hi Brajeshwar!!
    It's Boris from Italy (I know, the name is not typically italian..)
    I really like to be your guest...
    Please, invite me..!
    P.S. I saw the photos on flickr... Their're so beautiful!!!!!
    Many thanks!!

  99. Namaste !

    of course i'm looking for a nice joost invitation !
    if still have one ?



  100. Please send me an invite for Joost !
    Thanks a lot !

  101. Looks interesting, would love to try it if you have any invites left.

  102. Hi,

    I've read your article about Joost and as a streaming moviewatcher
    i really curious to see what joost has to offer.

    Thanks in advance,


  103. Hi there Brajeshwar!

    I would like to have an invite for joost and join the gang.
    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

  104. I've been using TVUPlayer to watch TV when I fly overseas. It's okay, but very limited number of channels. Would love to try Joost.

    Invite Please!!!!


    Bill Howland

  105. I heard about Joost on the Buzz Out Loud podcast...I would love to check it out! Still have invites?

    Thank you!!!

  106. I'll would like an invitation for joost. Thanks in advance :)

  107. i need an invitation could u send please
    my mail biryorum[at]gmail com

  108. Please send me a joost invites I would be very grateful.

  109. If you still are handing out invites to joost, I would appriciate to be one og them eho recieves one.

    Kinf regards


  110. Please send me an invite as I am very anxious about Joost.


    Ravi Mishra

  111. I would like an invite if they are still available.



  112. Its great that ur providing Joost , to those who can't Register online at Joost Carry on the good work , Please send me an invite at my mail address Thanks Kashish Bhola

  113. Would love to get an invite you still have any. Thanks much.


  114. I would be very appreciable of an invite.


  115. hey there.

    i really cool ide giving out joost invite out.

    ive have been on some other page's trying to get a invite
    but he wanted my to do thing's for him.
    and i dont think thats cool.

    thanks you for u'r invite


  116. Can I get one o' them snazzy joost invites? =)

    me [at]

  117. i m begging for an invit
    so curious about joost
    thx a lot

  118. Joost is what I have been waiting for for months (years). It's incredable that noone thought of this sooner. I would love to be invited...

  119. I would like a joost invite.
    many thanks
    (sorry for the tipo in the e-mail of my previous comment)

  120. This look interesting, will be happy to try this out.
    Thx :)

  121. I’d like an invite to Joost!

    I´m crazy for Web 2.0 e I can trade notices with you.

    So Thanks!

  122. I would appreciate an invite to Joost. Thank you in advance.

  123. I'd love to try Joost, no chance so far...
    Pretty pleaase?

  124. sounds really cool ! could u please send me an invite ? tx !

  125. Hi, I would really appreciate an invite to Joost if there are any left.


  126. Hi Brajeshwar,

    I read your article regarding the latest Internet revolution to hit TV, Joost, and I'm keenly interested to learn more about what it's all about. If you could send an invite my way, it would be greatly appreciated.

    By the way, I'm not sure if you like the Boston Red Sox, or MLB Baseball for that matter, but if you do, check out my website The Fenway Feed, the #1 source for all things Red Sox!



  127. Hi Brajeshwar,

    I would love an invite to Joost if you don't mind. I read your article and now I'm keenly interested to learn more about Joost.


    Mikey D

  128. Hey Brajeshwar,
    Do you still have joost invites left. I would like to have one.

    Seems like joost is getting real hot, though the ad on the joost site was too plain for a novel idea.


  129. Hi there,

    I would appreciate an invitation as well.

    Thanks a lot,


  130. Hi Brajeshwar,

    If you've got any invites left please can you send me one

    Great Penguin game by the way

    Many Thanks


  131. Brajeshwar,

    Have you run out of them or has one more that you can send my way?

  132. Hi If you could i'd love a Joost invite. Thanks Rich

  133. Hi

    I would like a joost invite

    Cheers Mate


  134. Hi Brajeshwar,

    If you’ve got any invites left please can you send me one. I am uber-excited about Joost as this is a way out of the cable/satellite corporation lockin that everyone is stuck here today.


  135. seems like a great idea would love an invite

  136. I can't wait until I try Joost!!! Please send me an invite!

    Thanks in advance!

  137. I would love to try Joost!
    Can you please invite me to the Beta testing.


  138. Hi there. I would love a Joost invite if you're still giving them out. Thanks!

  139. I want to try this thing badly, hope to be able to get some invite


  140. I´m really curious about this thing, can anyone send me an invite?
    you would contribute to have more happy mexicans....

    [email protected]

  141. I would love to try Joost. Send me invite please.

  142. Hi, I'd like to enter Joost world. Can you invite me? Many thanks! :o)

  143. Please could you send me a Joost invite! I desperately need one as i currently have no tv in my room! Many thanks, Marc

    [email protected]

  144. Hi!

    I would like an invitation too, plz!



  145. Hi. Have you heard of KITA? Kick in the as*> Can I have an invite to Joost? Thank you.

  146. Hello i would like to have an invite if its still possible. Thx a lot

  147. Hi Brajeshwar,

    Could you please send me a Joost invite? Thanks very much.


  148. Hello Brajeshwar,

    I’d love to get one of these invites!

    Ferdi Bölezek

  149. I would also very much like an invite, thanks and keep up the good work!

  150. Not sure if the last one got though (sorry for any double post) but I would like a joost invite if its still available, either way keep up the generosity!

  151. It sounds like a great idea. Hope an invite is still available. JOOST appears to combine, or at least says it combines, the best of the internet and TV. It should be an interesting combination.

  152. If someone would please invite me to Joost, I would be very grateful, and use the any invites I get to invite more people from this site. thanks in advance.

    jfjohnson89 (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

  153. I've heard all this buzz about Joost, but I would like the opportunity to try it out for myself and review it. If someone could please invite me to the "party" I'd love to give some feedback. Someone?......anyone?...Please?!?!


  154. I would absolutely love an invite to Joost, to see what all the hype is about :) As seems to be the general goodwill gesture required of invitees, I agree to send out invites + spread the word ;) Thanks in advance!

  155. Excellent blog, a Joost invite would be appreciated.


  156. Hi there, it would be really nice to get an invite to Joost, to see if there is something to look forward to when it's out of the beta stage. Ofcourse I will spread my own invites further if I get one!

  157. Well, if you’ve got some spare I’ll be happy to take an invite off your hands.

    [email protected]


  158. Please send me a invite for JOOST, Thank you!

  159. Hi, I hope you still have some Joost invitations and the desire the send them, I need one :)

    It looks like it will be really cool


  160. I'd love an invite. Thanks. I promise to "pay it forward" from my blog too.

  161. Can you please send me an invite to Thank you so much I greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks, Russell

  162. I would gladly take an invite to Joost, please~!

  163. Hey! I would also love to get an invite! I've been trying to get one for a long time but never really succeeded.
    It would be awsome if you could send me one :)

  164. I would kill for a Joost Invite. I have no TV and am getting really bored this summer.

  165. Is this Joost thing a hype? The only way I can tell is to get an invite and try it for myself to see what the hype is all about. So an invite will be much appreciated.


  166. I would like a invitation plzz..

    Hope you have a good day when you see this message ; D


  167. Hey can you send me an invite?

    I know its not much but i have demonoid invites if you need one
    mortlandx @

  168. Hey! I would love to get an invite to joost!
    Thanks a lot!

  169. I'd like to get an invite as well! It would be great

  170. Hi Brajeshwar,

    If you’ve got any invites i'd love to have a chance to check out joost - I will send out invites myself once i get one mystlef.


  171. It's nice that you are doing this. Thanks a million.

    Please send me an invite. Cheers

  172. Thank you in advance for inviting me to use Joost. I can hardly wait!!!!!!


  173. I have read about Joost for a long time now, but haven't got the chance to try it out. Four years ago I was sharing an office with Janus Friis and his friend Morten Lund as they were working on Bullguard and Skype projects. It has been amazing to follow these guys the last couple of years. And with Joost we once more have an exciting new product. If you can plese send me a Joost invite I would be happy to try it out.

    All the best,

    Peter Thielst

  174. Hi, may I "beg" for a joost invite please? Thanks in advance for the good samaritan who will send me one.

  175. EXCUSME!



  176. Can you please send me an invite?


  177. An invite would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

  178. I'm living in a country where 95% of tv shows are in local language, makes me more homesick :(

    Hope you can invite me to JoosT and make my idle time more enjoyable!!!

    [email protected]

    Domo arigato!

  179. I’d like to get an invite too. Thanks.

    THANKS, Celso.

  180. What a friend!!
    i hope i can pay you back some day!
    Great site!

  181. I would really appreciate an invite!


    Thank you in advance!


  182. Hey,

    Nice site..could you please sent me an invite.


  183. Lookin' forward to Joost and an invite. Thanks...

  184. Hi,

    This is a great article. I would like to experience this new technology, hence please provide me an invite.


  185. Joost is very good! Send me invite please?

  186. Hai,

    I'm came to know about joost today only. Your invitation help lot to all. Thanks.

    I'm also expecting same (invitation) from you.


  187. I've been hearing about Joost from my computer teacher (I'm taking an electronics course), it sounds really interesting, this article continues to stir my interest. I would love an invite so I can see it 1st hand.

  188. I would love to check out Joost, please invite me. Thank you!

  189. Hi,

    I would vert much like Joost Inivite. If you are still sending them out, please forward one.


  190. Invite please, I've been dieing for this! I'll send Joost invites to all my friends and to as much people as passable! I'll also invite people from this website, thanks =)

    [email protected]

  191. Hey!

    I have tried to get an invite, but have not yet succeded! Really hope this works!

    Plzz send me a invite c",)

  192. I would really like to get a copy of Joost so if you could send me an invite it would be very much appreciated I would love to test it out on Ubuntu Linux with wine

  193. Hello !
    Can I have an invitation to Joost Web TV please !
    Thank you.

  194. Please provide me of an invitation to test joost, I can't wait for it.
    I hope you have some more invitations, thanks in advance.

  195. Hi there,
    I would appreciate a joost invite, thanks for the time.

  196. Hi, Can i please have an invite - thanks alot

  197. An Indian friend directed me to your site. If you have any invites to joost I would like one. Thanks in advance.
    best wishes


  198. Hi!

    Can I have an invite too Please?
    Thanks in advance!

    PS: Your site is great :P


  199. Hey,

    I would like to get an invite for joost. Got to hear about it through a friend of mine. :-)

    Thanks in advance

  200. Google has this site the first choise... can i get an invite?

  201. I would love an invite! Thank you for your site.

  202. hi, can i have a joost invite as well? dhanyabad

  203. Throw me an invite please. Dig checking that site out.

  204. Would love an invite, pretty pretty please! thanks a million!

  205. HI

    not sure if you got this. because i did not see my comment appear. I apologize if this is a duplicate., but would really love a joost invite. thanks!

  206. Hi Brajeshwar,

    Will greatly appreciate if you can sent me an invite :-)

    Thanks and cheers!


  207. Hi Dude,

    I think its really cool of you to hand out invites so freely, if you don't mind, I'd like to have one from you too. Thanks a million for your kind gesture to all. ;-)



  208. PLEASE!! send me an invite! waited for something like this for such a long time!

  209. please please please! send me an invite please! thanks a mil! =)

  210. Hey,
    Could you also send an invite my way? It's really nice of you to take your time...

  211. Hi Brajeshwar,

    Read about Joost today in our local papers. Sounds really cool & love to try it out. Would appreciate that you can send me an invite. Thanks!!!


  212. Hi! I'm thrilled! If Joost jumpstarts like Skype we are looking into a bright future. Can you send me an invite, too? Thanks a lot.

  213. I would be interested in trying Joost out, could you send me an invite please?

  214. Greetings mate. I will love to have an invite from you.



  215. Please invite me for Joost Beta . Would be much apreciated


  216. Could i get an invite please? Thanks in advance:

    vlikidis (-at-) mac (-dot-) com

  217. share the joost!
    an invitation would be greatly appreciated,

  218. Hi Brajeshwar!

    I'd really like to joing joost. I'm just too curious whats all the fuss about :)

    I don't know if there are any invites left for joost, but I must ask for it anyway :D

    Thanks in advance!


  219. I just heard about Joost today in a local swedish paper. I'd love it if you could send me an invite.


  220. Just saw this Joost buisness on the news last night. Looking forward to see what all the hype is about.

    Thanks for the invite


  221. Thank you for this article.
    I would love to check out Joost, please invite me. Thank you!

    Best regards

  222. Hi,

    I would love to try Joost!
    I really appreciate wht you are doing here.

    Many Thanks!

  223. Hi Brajeshwar,

    I'd love to have an joost invite,
    Because I don't have so many channels on my Tv so it would be nice if I could have an Joost invite.


  224. Hi, there! I would be very greatful if you could send me an invitation to Joost.


  225. Hi there!
    I'd really appreciate it if you would kindly extend a Joost invitation to me.
    Thank you very much! =)

  226. hi,
    i have been using similar programs, p2p programs. but this program seem really good from the reviews i read. i would really like an invitation to see tv online, and help others try out this product!
    thank you very much in advance!

  227. Would very much appreciate a joost invite. Many thanks in advance :)

  228. Hi Brajeshwar,

    Appreciate the blog writing on Joost. Can you please send me an invite?


  229. really looking forward to trying joost. can you please send an invite to me...


  230. Cool article. Joost sounds good. Can I have an invite?


  231. Brajeshwar..

    Humko bhi invitation dedo bhaiya...

  232. Dear Brajesh

    Just read about Joost from the net. It would be really cool if you can send me an invite for the same.



  233. Nice article ! i'm really interrest in Joost and will be glad if you can invite me !

    Bye :)

  234. would love to get an invite got joost, thanks

  235. Hi

    anyone have an invitation he or she can spare?

    much appriciated.

    bram dot vandenholen at gmail dot com


  236. Hi dude!
    Read about this and its sounds great! I woud like to get an invite : ) cheers!

  237. Hello can i get an invite for joost wanna try it out

  238. Hi Brajeshwar,

    Nice site!

    If possible,please throw an invite!I want to join in the joostmania!

    Thanks and Regards,

  239. Hi,
    Can you please invite me?
    Please send it to: powermax[at]3dvizija[dot]net

    Best Regards

  240. Hi Brajeshwar,
    Joost i think a new technology for web 2.0 i think it will make entertainment very applicable to life that it may be an essential to get logged on every time we are awake.,i mean all the time ,we always lag info by skipping some media on any media like Internet,Tv,Cinema,.i hope Joost would club TV and Internet,where we can take TV with us, by our LApTOPS and MOBILES.i see future very Entertainment handy. I want to JOOST.i need JOOST,Need for JOOST IS A BOOST.
    Good DAy,
    Thank you,

  241. Read abt Joost in a local newspaper today, and think this is one of the new life being channel to the boring Internet besides surfing. We should have more of this new idea to utilize the Internet. Appreciate if you could send an invite for me to join the bandwagon. Many thanks in advance....:-)

  242. new web géné france!
    i need an invite please!! thanks!!!

  243. Hi there,

    I would totally appreciate an invite!

    Thanks :D

  244. Hi Brajesh,

    Would appreciate if you could send me a invite.

    Thanks in advance.


  245. Hello,

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