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Download free fonts and Dingbats

A huge collection of Commercial, Free Fonts complete with a good set of Free Dingbats are on this site for you to Download. It is a free front archive but with a twist – it’s organized as a commercial font foundry with plenty of interactive features. There are over 8,000 free fonts and dingbats for the Mac and the PC.

This article is a paid article review sponsored by RevieMe. However, I’d have written about this resource for great fonts if I found it earlier to ReviewMe. If you have feedbacks, please comment or mail me directly. That will help me decide if I should do ReviewMe in future or not.

Fonts and dingbats are neatly categorized with large custom color previews. The site also has a blog, a forum, and an articles section where you can read about fonts and typography. It is templated with tags to help you find the top searched fonts.

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