Get Flash PlayerAdobe today announced the availability of Flash Player 9 for Linux. Senior Product Manager at Adobe, "Emmy Huang (Emmy Huang)":, says -- "With the proliferation of video on the Web, "Adobe Flash Player (Adobe Flash Player)": is quickly becoming the _de facto_ industry standard for delivering engaging interactive content and applications. Now the Linux community has full access to the high volume of Flash content and applications available on the Internet today, bringing Linux developers and users to the forefront of the Web 2.0 experience."

It may be noted that Flash Developers using Linux can thus create, test and deploy Rich Internet Flash Applications using the Free "Flex 2 Software Developers Kit (Flex 2 Software Developers Kit)": and the Free Flex Data Services 2 Express.

Adobe Flash Player 9 for Linux vastly enhances user experiences with new capabilities such as efficient memory utilization, advanced features for graphics, video and text, as well as the ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM2), which allows up to 10 times faster scripting performance. "Adobe (Adobe)": recently contributed source code from the AVM2 to the Mozilla Foundation, which is hosting a new open source project called "Tamarin (Tamarin)": to accelerate the development of a standards-based approach for creating rich and engaging Web applications that work across multiple platforms.

Adobe Flash Player 9 is available as a "Free Download (Free Download)": in both English and localized versions. It is available for Linux, Windows and Mac platforms.