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Known Issues with Flash Player 9 for Linux

Adobe released the Flash Player 9 for Linux 2 days ago. Here are the list of known issues

  1. Full-screen mode and windowless mode are not yet available for the Linux player.
  2. Express Install is an unsupported feature due to the variety of Linux platforms, each handling the Adobe Flash Player plug-in installation in different ways.
  3. Modal dialogs displayed by Flash Player stay in front of browser windows but do not prevent interaction with the browser as they should.
  4. When hovering over Flash content on a web page, the mouse scroll-wheel does not work. Workaround: Hover over the HTML content on the web page.
  5. On certain SUSE 9.2 installations using the standalone player only, trying to Open a browser from the standalone player with SeaMonkey open will cause the player to hang.
  6. Networking operations in the standalone player are currently slow.
  7. When the mouse is hovering over Flash content, keyboard input is not sent to the browser.

Read the Flash Player Release Notes for details on Flash Player 9 for Linux, Mac and Windows.