The Bangalore-based Flex User Group is organizing the first of its kind RIA event in India - initRIA. It is an event focussed specific to Rich Internet Application Development with an aim to provide a platform for RIA enthusiasts in India to interact and learn.

You can help or contribute to the event in multiple ways, of course, the best being to participate in the event. Other ways to be part of the event;

* Spread the word - blog about the event, tell your friends and ask your co-workers to attend the event
* Talk, present a preso - if you have something to show and discuss, this is one good place to do so (proposal accepted till 11th Dec, 2007)
* or just convince other experts to speak - One goal of the event is to attract speakers and audience who are interested in different kinds of RIA technologies - be it - Flash, Flex, JavaFX, Silverlight, OpenLazzlo, Ajax

Feel free to learn more about them at the initRIA's FAQ.