Adobe AIR ready for Linux

Adobe AIR for Linux Alpha-Release is available on Adobe Labs. It is a pre-release version and is alpha-ish at best.

About a month earlier, Adobe shipped AIR v1.0 for Windows and Mac but delayed the Linux release as Adobe had to “wait on the core Flash Player’s support for Linux to be finalized.”

Adobe is targeting the second half of this year for the final release version. This first drop of Adobe AIR for Linux will expire on March 1st, 2009 (that’s enough time to test and play around). Adobe is also releasing an updated alpha version of the Flex Builder 3 for Linux to include support for AIR applications.

Adobe AIR for Linux is the Adobe AIR runtime that allows Adobe AIR applications to be deployed on computers and devices running the Linux operating system. According to Adobe, this is NOT a feature complete release. AIR applications that run on the Mac and Windows version may not run on the Linux alpha depending on the features used by that application. Review the release notes for more information on which features are not available in the alpha.

Distributions that are currently supported by Adobe AIR for Linux;

Development Tools

Linux developer can use the Flex Builder for Linux alpha or any text editor. In addition, since AIR applications run across operating system, you can use Flex Builder, Dreamweaver or Flash if your primary development machine runs on OSX or Windows.