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DARE - Adobe AIR Development Web Server

Amongst all the Adobe Media Player and Adobe TV articles that swamped my RSS Feed Reader today, there was a lone but very interesting article from Ted Patrick - DARE.

DARE will simplify AIR Application development for XHTML/JS/CSS Developers. They can easily develop AIR Apps pretty much like developing a HTML App – no compilation – just develop, “refresh” and you got your AIR App.


Ted’s argument is simple, crisp and clear;

There are tons of HTML/JS/AJAX developers that never use the command line. DARE lowers the barrier to development with Adobe AIR by making development identical to writing HTML/JS/AJAX applications. Simply edit the file system and press refresh in the browser. It is that easy.

What is DARE?

DARE is a local http server that makes it easy to create, test, and package AIR applications. It allows you to develop and test using your HTML/JS tools of choice and just a web browser. You can even use the “Refresh” button to test and package your application.

Download DARE (Mac). You’ll need Adobe AIR SDK.

You may keep a tap on Ted’s blog for future upgrades and the Windows Version.

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