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Enjoy the Adobe MAX 2008 Experience

Adobe MAX 2008 banner by 2Advanced)

A few days back, Adobe launched the official MAX NA Experience website. Take a look at the interactive landscapes provided by some of the leaded digital design agencies – 2Advanced, Big Spaceship and Blitz. It is a great site, provides just the right balance of information and experience and captures the exploratory tone of the Adobe MAX event.

MAX is an experience unlike any other – an opportunity to connect with thousands of designers, developers, partners, executives, and Adobe staff for education, inspiration, and community. MAX 2008/2009 will be held in San Francisco, Milan, and Tokyo.

Adobe MAX 2008/2009 will be held in San Francisco (California, US), Milan (Italy, Europe) and Tokyo (Japan). Speakers and Session registrations are open.

How to see the MAX NA Interactive Experience?

To view the interactive experience on Adobe MAX 2008/2008 and click anywhere outside the informational window. Each visit is randomized to start at a different environment. Use your mouse to scroll left, right, up, and down in order to traverse all three landscapes.

In case of the 2Advanced jungle scene, there are certain actions that you must trigger in order to progress the story (Drag & drop, clicking, etc). See how far you can get by interacting with the environment and the clues it gives you.

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