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Linux Community - Are we really helping it grow?

Linux is known to be one of the most robust, complete and customizable operating system. It is a matter of fact that you’ll find more articles on Linux HOW-TO’s than for any other operating system! Have you tried to figure out the reason behind this? Is it that most Linux users are dumb and they need a lot of HOW-TO articles? Or is it that Linux is magically tough and you need a lot of lectureship?

The answer for both the question is probably NO! I would rather justify cause by deriving a conclusion from a lot of Linux articles that I’ve come across lately. What has been found more often than not is a strange urge amongst the Linux evangelists to make things complex, or to make them appear so! I could never understand this paradigm ever since I realized what Linux and open source technology is all about. I pity on such writers who write a 1000 word article explaining how to use Linux as an alternative to some other operating system and finally leave you with a lot of jargons to refer to a dictionary or Wikipedia, at least 10 times before you’re done with reading the article!

One shall understand the fact that any language/technology/service can never be made to reach the common by advocating it to be a rocket science! I’m not sure about other things, but Linux is certainly not even close to rocket science. For a noob to get on with Linux, the most important thing is to understand that more than 50% of the people who talk about Linux do not know what they’re talking about, or are themselves confused for that matter! This phenomenon is however common to a lot of technology blogs you’ll find in the blog-o-sphere. Linux is no different.

Linux Floppy Disks Installer
5.25-inch floppy disks holding a very early version of Linux.

Few things which is pretty ubiquitous amongst people who do not know Linux but are proud users of it is to have the following characteristics:

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