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A Linux Game Console

Linux based EVO gaming console is set to be launched on November 18 by Envizons Computer Entertainment. Play Station 3 is an out-and-out gaming console and therefore would be able to run Linux based applications effortlessly. The target market of this gaming system would be the hardcore software developers and the early adopters. Linux would mainly act as a liaison which would be used to control the EVO system and make it look more like a home computer than just a gaming gadget.

The release will surely make us ponder more on its entirety of usage. So as Linux will be used for playing games on a connected server, add on services like mail services, central operations etc. will run as it used to. The launch of a dedicated gaming console would possibly avert the attention from its primary business domain but the company is fervent to develop applications such as this to maintain a perfect concord among its clientele.

It is indeed unjust to evaluate this in accordance with a traditional gaming console. The primary rationale of the argument is that the target market of one company differs from another. Linux aims at a target market base consisting of technology freaks and the early adopters, while other companies might have in mind a more established target market which yet again is a harmless gamble in today’s gung ho world. Networking with other system owners, access to Internet multimedia services, VoIP, cloud computing and storage services are those common features that are offered by other gaming consoles.

Envizons Computer Entertainment plans to release 500 to 1,300 units in US and Canada. The discount pricing strategy would be adopted by the company in order to attract initial purchases. It is actually an ambitious and a fascinating effort to develop the console further into a complete gaming system which will surpass customer expectations. The gaming pundits have already initiated an online discussion which is evident on many sites about the launch of this gaming console which is assumed would certainly create a platform for developers who are more likely to form a strong community among themselves. The prospect for any individual to develop a platform with eternal customizations will set the gaming needs expectations just.

The amount of attention this launch has received from all the quarters of the world is gargantuan. More attention has a domino effect for more criticism for the gaming console. But every new theory gets criticized a lot before being accepted. Let’s expect that Linux does well on all parameters and is able to defend itself against the plethora of verbally powerful jobless critics.

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