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Multiple Sitemaps on a single Domain

Do you have more than one website, or rather lots of them? You can now reduce one hassle of the many that goes in maintaining lots of websites, blogs – the ability to place Sitemaps for multiple hosts on a single host through robots.txt.

We know how to include auto-discovery of Sitemaps using robots.txt. Google have announced a new way for Sitemap cross-submissions using Google Webmaster Tools, making it possible to submit Sitemaps for multiple hosts on a single dedicated host.

For instance, if I want to submit and maintain Sitemaps for each of these sites –

and to make things easier, I want to host all the Sitemaps on

I can make the best out of cross-submission support by telling the search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft) where the Sitemaps are with robots.txt –

Here are a few other useful notes about the implementation

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