oCricket Beta 1

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oCricketA Cricket world for everyone who loves the game.

I've been thinking of doing something about the game Cricket but was always half-hearted about it. However, it began to take shape during the summer of 2007. oCricket was started with Java during late 2007. I found it too bulky for what I need and by early 2008, it was moved it to PHP. It wasn't bad but somehow I was not satisfied with PHP either. The third and current iteration is done with Python, and Django as the framework.

oCricket is now in closed Private Beta?

Well, it is the must-do these days, so we're in a private beta where the testers have agreed more or less to report back issues and go along with the development in a progressive manner.

Any Invites?

I'll give our bulk invites in future but for now, it will have to be hand-picked and very individual. You can request for an invite by submitting a valid email through the site -- oCricket.

Btw, here's a gift for you.

I've a 100% discount coupon for Freeverse's LineForm which cost $79.95. I'll pick one lucky winner from those who ask for an invite on oCricket during this month of July. S/he will get that Discount code and can get the full license of LineForm from their online store..

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