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Saw this at TechCrunch -- The Continuum: Flash Gaming Goes Hardcore. The Continuum is a new Flash game, featuring an extremely polished interface and deep ranking system. The game is the first to come from Chicago-based development studio Seven Lights, and has been in production for over 18 months.

From TechCrunch;

The Continuum isn't meant for casual gamers - rather, it's aimed at a more hardcore audience, mixing elements from traditional table top card games, RPGs, and turn based strategy. Each player builds up a virtual "deck" of in-game characters, each of which can be customized with various skills and attributes. The games monetization model comes from sale of these characters, which are sold in packs (you never know which characters you'll be getting in each pack). However, company CEO Tim Harris says that buying lots of characters won't necessarily stack the odds in your favor, it will simply give you more options to choose from when you send your army to battle.

The Continuum.