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SnapGalaxy introduces revenue earning model

SnapGalaxy was launched in late 2006 with their primary focus of allowing users to send photo prints to friends and relatives. SnapGalaxy services are divided into 2 sub-categories – Printing Service and Online Service.

They allow you to send your photos anywhere in the world. They deliver premium quality photo products to their users and their friends, family and relatives. There is unlimited photo storage, photo sharing, PhotoFolio, VirtualPhoto and much more.

They’ve recently added the ability of users to sell their photos and earn money.

Keval Desai, founder of SnapGalaxy says; “We strongly believe that everyone has ‘an eye for photography’ and with right combination of promotion & platform, it can boost the confidence of the photographer as well as generate revenues selling the artwork. Unlike most sites that show Google Ads and keep the revenue to themselve, we want to pass on the earning to our members. Members can make money by displaying ads on their Photofolio. Google pays AdSense publishers on a per click basis as well as per impression too. Hence, more views of their photos means more revenues.”

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