What NOT to do while looking for a job

Mon, Nov 10, 2008

Loving your job: Do you love yours like these girls do?

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Loving your jobDo you love yours like these girls do?

There are times when the need to switch a job is high on the agenda and it gets essential to breathe a new air into one's professional life. It's pretty humane to make mistakes, but there are a few concerns which are a strict no-no when one thinks of switching from one organization to another.

Few of them include;

# Being location centric. It is better to keep one's options open and not be too choosy when it comes to the choice of cities. Also, preferably seek a job in a city having a good IT infrastructure.
# Having a unique skill set. With the future of IT sector in consideration, many new software packages, programming languages and developer platforms will emerge. It is better to be a jack of all trades than being a master at one, because being a master it will reduce the job profile horizon.
# Importance of Certifications. Emphasizing more on certifications will not stand you in good company as it may seem that the over publicity of certifications is an indicator of dearth in knowledge. However, you should mention the same in your resume. Preference should be given on a combination of skills rather than showing one's certifications from different institutes.
# A Loner attitude. As IT jobs have a preconceived notion of working in a secluded cabin and breaking one's head on complex codes, it is advisable for one to be of a friendly and outgoing nature. A loner attitude does not work here because it gives an impression that you are the one who prefers to be too filled up with work.
# Speaking about your previous employer. All the IT companies are operating on more or less the same principles and job profiles. Thus, it is important for one to not speak about the frustration levels and the working culture at the previous company.
# Emphasizing more on personal growth. A company would always prefer a candidate who would keep an organization's growth above his personal growth. So it is imperative for a candidate to stress more on the growth of the organization he/she has for.
# Waiting for regular processing. Whatever be the trend, it is always necessary to employ traditional methods of networking such as telephones, personal contacts etc. when it comes to gaining a breakthrough step in the processing of your resume. Having a contact inside the company can only be helpful when you can make him outsource some important details and take his help to gain a competitive advantage over other resumes.
# Writing a generic objective. Amongst the heap of resumes, a generic objective gets unnoticed. It is always a safe option to have a specific objective which is an indicator of an essentially definite job profile.

I hope these would help you in one way or the other to get your next job!

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