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Gaming in Linux

GNU/Linux has an immense potential, not only because of the fact that it can be ported to myriad of devices and installed on almost any hardware, but also because of the touch of openness and freedom it provides to its users. The question here is, will Linux be ideal to base all games in? Currently, Linux might not have as many games as Windows probably has but fact that Linux has a strong community of developers in its periphery shows a better future.

Linux games create a separate niche market for its users. Are the gamers, more than just users, are willing to go that extra mile and make an extra effort for a great gaming experience? It isn’t strange that a large section of the gaming industry is still not acquainted with the gaming options in Linux, sadly though.

A large collection of good 3D games may probably lead to a heavy increase in its user base. Linux gaming outcasts the open-source world, as there aren’t enough Linux users who believe in Linux gaming and its advertisement. Linux is not yet into competition with Windows, as far as gaming is concerned but there definitely lies a future. The appeal of free games and the exotic open environment experience shall be hard enough to resist, especially for the geeky teenagers.

Gaming is just another pillar for Linux to increase its user base and market share.

Min suggests that Linux gaming may be the key to beating Windows-plus-Office, in part because the demographics of gamers mesh well with the demographics of Linux users. Linux servers host a lot of high-quality online games available and provide a plenty of choice. On the stand alone desktop games, the selection is still thin when compared to the MS Windows platform.

If you’re an Ubuntu fan and need some help configuring your graphic cards, check out the Ubuntu games wiki.

Shifting to the world of gaming in Linux does not imply that one has to compromise on the habits and styles of playing games. Infact Linux offers its own share of gaming experience - which is slightly different in a better sense. Linux can attract the masses by making them addictive of the programmability features i.e. the power of customization of the character, game, features and graphics. Further, the possibilities of optimizing a game are endless.

Gaming in Linux would revolutionize the entire PC gaming industry, and broaden the gaming market. However there needs to be great business model for the developers to put in their hard work and build something that can squeeze some users off today’s largest gaming platform - MS Windows, which has painted the gaming industry with colors!

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