Linux is more than just a Novel Concept

It is inevitable that choosing the right operating system is imperative to insure that you have a high performance, security, high delivery and applications that you wish to work with either at home or in office, either on desktop or on laptop. Today, Linux is moving into user space faster than ever before. Distros like Ubuntu and PCLinuxOS compete vividly with the much loved MS Windows. Linux is characteristically found to be one of the most unswerving, stable, secure, cost effective and well-organized system. Thanks to the intuitive GUI support which has come up to serve the young minds with desktop environments like KDE.

Linux, again is considered the numero uno for the demanding environment of Web, database and mail servers and the demand for Linux has been increasing ever since it was launched, though at a slow pace.

Few characteristics that differentiates Linux and its distros include;

If this couldn’t satisfy you by any chance, some other features which Linux boasts off include - high up-time, scalability, portability, robustness, user friendliness and ability to customize.

This reminds me of a famous quote, “Linux is not intelligent design; it’s an evolution.” One reason why Linux happens to be a developer’s choice is the ability of a platform to develop, share and enhance the existing platform. The rich diversity of people across different continents working on Linux has positively influenced the developments Linux has seen over the 2 decades.

Device manufacturers have already realized that Linux is a growing market and the open source paradigm has a decent share in the web and standalone software industry. It is also pure logic for manufacturers to understand that they have to support their hardware with open source drivers if they want to establish a name for themselves in the open source sector.

All operating systems have their respective pros and cons. But if you are a Linux enthusiast, you shall be amazed to find the flexibility and presence of tools available.

Linux is not just an operating system. It is an experience. Try it, feel it, share your experiences.