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oCricket in Public Beta

I’m involved with oCricket, a Startup which is trying to bring a new paradigm to the world of Cricket, its fans and followers alike. After our initial hiccups and shake-up in the team, we’re finally ready for Public Beta.

What is oCricket?

oCricket is a user-focussed site, poised to be an instant reflection of all cricketing events. We know there are many popular Cricket sites. We also know that Cricket is so popular, that there is always something about Cricket in everything - Cricket-this, Cricket-that. Nonetheless, we felt the need for a site where everyone can get involved unlike other popular Cricket sites where news and information are shoved down the user’s way via one-way traffic and medium.

We wanted a social network but with just Cricket in mind. oCricket is geared towards an environment where everybody can contribute, browse through articles, linked write-ups from other sites, photos, videos etc. We loved the idea of users being able to weigh the importance of news and information bits via voting, ability to plug-in their views, comments and discuss on anything about Cricket. oCricket will allows users to interact with one another easily, be social and meet their Cricketing peers online. It will serve as a Social Network site for Cricket.

What’s more?

oCricket is always in active development and we’ve plans for some interesting modules for the immediate future. We believe users will find the upcoming modules enjoyable and worthwhile.

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