Startup Review - iAccelerator’s HashCube

Got an email from the iAccelerator guys and felt good to learnt about HashCube doing well at the iAccelerator Program. HashCube is a start-up supported by the iAccelerator program at IIM Ahmedabad’s Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE).

One of their game - Sudoku Solver on Facebook, is gaining attention, users and huge traffic. (Source: AllFacebook)

Developed by HashCube, Suduko Solver is a free Sudoku game that you can play right inside of Facebook. Given the successful trend Sudoko has seen, it’s not entirely surprising that this application is among the fastest growing on Facebook.

The Soduku Solver games keep your time, and show your progress as you play. The Sudoku board itself is color-coded, making the problems and solutions a little clearer for you. If that doesn’t help you enough, there are a couple of options for actually solving the Sudoku puzzle; you can solve the whole thing, or just one step at a time. You can also undo moves. Additionally, there are options to print the puzzle, or load a new random game.

If you like Sudoku and want to start playing, go install Sudoku Solver on Facebook.

Visit HashCube for more details and other Social Games.