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Jun 12, 2009

Search for N - the Nokia N97

Photo by Leonard John Matthews

Search for NCome, join the hunt. The Nokia N97 can be yours.

I've been briefed about the rules, regulations and details where Nokia will give out 10 Nokia N97 as part of the Search for N.

What is 'Search for N'?

Nokia have hidden 97 New Nokia N97s Across 13 Countries and is giving them away, for free, before they hit the shelves in-store. The only catch is, they're hidden across 13 countries and the only way to find them is to crack five cryptic clues online.

Imagine being able to test drive the advanced multi-media, multi-sensory mobile device to date before anyone else, and knowing that only 96 other people around the globe were part of the same exclusive 'Search for N' winners club; all of whom solved the Nokia clues and discovered a new Nokia N97 before anyone else.

Running over a period of seven days, in advance of the Nokia N97 going on sale worldwide, the 'Search for N' clues will be released on the exact same date and time across each country. Five clues will be asked on the site which could relate to news that week, feature aspects of the new Nokia N97, or include clever cryptic clues that encourage consumers to explore content online.

Once contestants successfully answer all five clues the race is then on to locate a hidden Nokia N97 device -- either in a physical location, or online. Only 96 other people around the globe will have the chance to find a Nokia N97 before anyone else, and join a 'Search for N' winners club which will span three continents.


To be part of the international 'Search for N' treasure hunt, and join thousands of others, mark your calendar -- 15th June, 2009. Ten lucky winners will be selected from across India, 2 each from these sites - Techtree, ThinkDigit, Fonearena, Brajeshwar and Digital Inspiration.


* There will be a total of 5 questions to be answered during the contest period.
* The participant has to answer all 5 questions correctly to be eligible for the prize.
* Correct and fastest submissions (from the time of the question being released every day) will stand a better chance to win the award.
* There will be 10 winners declared at the end of the contest, 2 each from participating site/blog.
* In case of ties, the winners will be selected through a draw of luck.
* The decision of Nokia India will be final and binding.
* The contest is an online contest only and no offline/mobile submissions will be accepted.
* Only one entry per day per participant will be eligible.
* Nokia India is offering one unit of Nokia N97 each as the prize to each of the winners.

[Video] Get Up Close and Personal with Facebook on Nokia N97


What's in the new Nokia N97

* S60 5th Edition
* Extends support for touch with full support for tactile feedback
* Supports advanced sensor technology
* Desktop quality browsing with Adobe Flash lite 3
* Browsing is much more optimized, kinetic scrolling
* Facebook application especially developed for the platform and Flash Lite 3.1 are available, coming directly from Adobe.
* The new Facebook client can be found at the Ovi Store and comes as a Web Runtime widget, while Flash Lite can be updated to the latest version through the "App update" utility.

What's Next?

Stay, follow and watch the Search for N.