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The “Search for N” - Win a Nokia N97

The Winners

Congratulations! You’ll be contacted by Nokia for the formalities.

These were the 5 questions for the contest that started on 15th June, 2009.

15th June, 2009

Q. It makes your internet experience more personal. What is it? A. Widgets

Clue: “The Nokia N97 allows you to personalize your Internet Experience with Widgets. The phone screen can be fully personalized with frequently updated widgets of your favorite web servies and social networking sites. Widgets can thus bring forth a whole new personal experience to your Nokia N97.”

16th June, 2009

Q. Thanks to this feature, you won’t need a keypad. What is it? A. “Touch” or “Touchscreen”

Clue: Advancement in technology have made it possible for everyday usage to be more natural. Form factors have improved and the experience have improved a lot – evolution from the Touch interfaces of day-to-day activities to the QWERTY to the new Touch Screen – consumers have evolved and are now looking for more intuitive interfaces. Nokia have taken a paradigm shift with the new Touch screen on new Nokia devices. The Nokia N97 sports an intuitive Touch interface so you can personalize your home screen in an easy and interesting way.

17th June, 2009

Q. A virtual store that lets you store, share and access content. A. “Ovi Store”

Clue: To make the hardware experience better and help the device evolve via appliations or widgets, Nokia have introduced the Ovi Store, where you can get more widgets for your Nokia phone. Ovi Store is a self-service, web-based tool that provides content providers and developers with an easy way to distribute and sell mobile applications and content to millions of consumers.

In short, Ovi Store;

18th June, 2009

Q. The first six letters in the modern day keyboard layout. A. QWERTY

Clue: Be it typing or gaming or just navigating, consumers like to have different forms of inputs – touch, keypads and some prefer best of both worlds. An insight from the Axel Meyer, Global Design Head for Nokia is that QWERTY is important for gaming as people are used to using both their hands.

The QWERTY helps transform the product from a monoblock to a multimedia computer. The thought behind was to make a world class QWERTY with equal spacing between keys, spacebar to the side, consumers can use their 10 fingers to write, and also enables ease of use and speed of writing.

19th June, 2009

Q. Currently the largest storage available for any Nokia Phone. A. 32GB

Clue: The Nokia N97 have a whooping 32GB built-in Storage and another 15GB expandable. Users can carry everything – music, games, emails, contacts, photos, videos and much more.


For more details, visit the Search for N.

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