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Adobe AIR Apps Available on Android Market

The recent release of Adobe AIR runtime to the Android Market, will enable developers to distribute their applications to Android smartphone and tablets. Some of these apps are already available as AIR applications running on the desktop and iOS. Adobe is expected to deliver the next version of the AIR SDK by the end of 2010.

With the support of our Open Screen Project partners, soon Adobe Flash Platform tools will allow for AIR apps to be compiled and delivered to Android, iOS, BlackBerry Tablet OS devices and more.

You only need to download Adobe AIR once from the Android Market and it will work with any AIR based application on your device. If you download an AIR application to your Android device and AIR is not already installed, the application will take you directly to download the AIR runtime. In the future, AIR will be preinstalled on many newer smartphones and tablets therefore eliminating the need for the initial download.


Here is a nice list of Android apps started by Serge Jesper.

Developer Tutorial<

A short video tutorial showing the Adobe AIR publishing workflow by Lee Brimelow.

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