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Adobe BrowserLab integration for Firebug

On October 8, Adobe announced new features for BrowserLab that are designed to enhance existing workflows and attract web developers who use Firebug.

Brief summary of the update:

Firebug Add-On

BrowserLab is now integrated with Firebug (Watch Video), so users can send the current state of their local page in Firebug (including design and CSS tweaks made directly in Firebug) to BrowserLab. This lets them see how their changes look across different browsers, along with enhancing their workflow with BrowserLab. Download the add-on.

Smart Align

Screenshots can now be automatically aligned to a particular point of a page, for browsers that align pages differently. This helps users zero-in on problem areas of their pages. Watch the Video.

Safari 5

Safari 5 has been added to BrowserLab’s portfolio of browsers.

Watch the video on how to preview CMS content with Dreamweaver CS5.

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